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'Yes' to sales tax

i never voted yes for the income tax... in a completely related story..

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Mexican marijuana cartels sully US forests, parks

if 6% of all arable lands in the US were dedicated to growing industrial hemp there would be no need to continue our wars for oil, or damage national wildlife refuges to drill. we can have our cake and eat it too with hemp. the only reason Pot has made just leaps and bounds in potency is because it was made illegal in the first place, but hemp was criminalized right alongside the female plant...citing: hemp for victory / the emperor wears no clothes by jack herer

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Would you support lowering the Kansas highway speed limit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

I also made mention of legalizing hemp for the purpose of having a sustainable ethanol plant, but hey, can't win 'em all...- noah ^^

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City: Freenet loan support is unlikely

i was employed by 'Free'net for sometime and was still confused by the 2 companies working under the same tent by the time i was terminated. Lawrence Freenet/ Community Wireless Communications was probably the most ridiculous employer that i've ever had, the story is nearly unbelievable. Either way, CWC makes money, and Freenet pretends to be non-profit, but at the end of the day, they give themselves raises with money they don't have, buying motorcycles and new gizmos with money they aren't earning. I was fired by two of the most incompetent people i've ever met, not including josh, he merely smiled, nodded, and let the monkeys that he hired above me attempt to use words.
The city would be better off keeping millions of dollars in their pockets rather than to throw money at lawrence Really-Expensive-net. Though there are still a handful of people employed by the company that i do respect, i can't respect their aspirations after my experiences.
If they want to compete, they should just come out of the closet actually make a name for themselves like the World company has done, and at some point, they can give away internet to needy families instead of buying flamer motorcycles.
Hey freenet, need a consultant? What's the pay?

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What do you think of Phill Kline's decision to appoint a special prosecutor in the abortion case?

phil kline might as well appoint john ashcroft or even the devil's advocate to represent his view of saving an unsustainable population

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Do you want to donate your organs when you die?

i have recently given this thought... i am currently an organ donor... but i would change it in a heartbeat.

let's just say i get in an accident.
and then i'm scraped up off the highway
do i want the doctor to focus on trying to save me
or saving a part of me to give to someone else?

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Drink stink

None of that actually matters because our water is still fluoridated.

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Do you believe in God?

and may i add that the lecture given by Richard Dawkins last night was particularly interesting. feel free to click a link

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Do you believe in God?

I believe that people can learn miraculous things from eachother, but to credit a word labelling an entity of sorts is an act of ignorance that leads to all sorts of dismissive behavior. God is a manifestation that allows people to pursue ungodly acts without doubt of reason. The Bible is the most popular version of the telephone game to date. God is a distraction that dilutes the thought process and allows people to feel satisfaction, leaving tolerance to be a mum topic as jesus drives down a six lane highway in his stretch limo

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Marijuana changes take step forward

and michael moore comes in on a graphic and saves the day.

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