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TownTalk: Signs that Olive Garden is still likely in Lawrence; city, county taking applications for land program; The Jackpot Saloon changing hands, focus; new Dunkin' location now open

Sad indeed, some of the best shows I ever saw were at the Jackpot. The dance parties were kind of hit-or-miss, but the last night of Neon before it was killed off was AMAZING.

The Jackpot seemed to fill the spot between Not Big Enough for The Granada and Not Weird Enough for The Replay.

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Statehouse Live: Bicyclists successfully advocate for ‘3-foot’ law

Dang, 3 feet really isn't even that much. A truck going 40mph passing you on your bike 3 feet away doesn't feel like a "safe distance." Better than nothing I guess.

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I-70 work east of Lawrence will narrow traffic to one lane in each direction beginning in mid-March

I love this debate! It's scientifically proven that late-merging using the zipper method is the most efficient way, but everyone has to be on board for it to work.

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Face it. You people would be criticizing the logo no matter what it looked like. It's just what a lot of you do for fun.

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Much better than the old one anyway.

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Federal judge upholds decision to build South Lawrence Trafficway along 32nd Street; opponents promise appeal

Funny how you object to someone else's "pathetic mischaracterization" by employing your own pathetic mischaracterization of "tree-huggers and vegetarians" being the only people who care about Downtown. Well done.

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Lawrence bicycle committee reviews old sidewalk law

I agree. I'm an avid biker but these kinds of debates always fall into a "drivers vs. bikers" debate, which is stupid. There are law-breaking bikers as well as law-breaking drivers. Ticket everyone who endangers the lives of others. What's missing in all cases is a lack of common courtesy.

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Lawrence bicycle committee reviews old sidewalk law

It's weird that they're concerned about the downtown area. That's where I feel the MOST safe riding my bike in the street, because you can actually keep up with traffic. However, there's no way in hell I'm riding in the street on, say, 23rd. I'll stay in the sidewalk; there are few pedestrians there anyway.

And yeah, when I ride downtown and decide to use the sidewalk, I walk my bike like any sane person.

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