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Lawrence man pleads no-contest to battery charge involving his daughter

Glad to hear it. Finally, some closure for baby and Mom!!

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Lawrence doctor ready for Light the Night Walk after bone marrow transplant

Dr. Barnes is amazing and the staff at LFM&O are the best! We are so happy to hear of his progress!

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Gill says team policy on women not causing a negative reaction from players

True, and the girl I know was dumped by the guy when he found out and then decided two months later to give it a try.

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Gill says team policy on women not causing a negative reaction from players

One only has to look in the stands on a Saturday and see all of the babies fathered by the players...the last time I checked, people can do anything at 3 p.m that I could do at 10:00 p.m. This rule is CRAZY!

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Happy housemothers: Lawrence women find jobs surrounded by college students

I was in the house for Molly's two years. Even after I moved away and came back with my new family...she still remembered me! She is a wonderful woman and was there for me at a very hard time. Love you Molly!

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A mother’s work is never done — and rarely valued at its true worth

I would love to see an article that includes what a working Mom should actually earn...

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Dearly missed: Jackson opens up about his mother’s tragic passing

Darnell, I am so sad to hear of your loss. Stay strong and be the man we know you are! You are still one of my most favorite of players. Your emotion brought us all onto the court with you. Please know that all people in the Jayhawk nation are pulling for you and your family!

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After fire, KU Kappa Kappa Gamma women will spend weekend away from sorority house

Wow! I can always count on these posts for the idiots to come out!

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Dole Institute staffer to return to teaching

Good luck to Prof. Earle! I have fond memories of him as a teacher and know that other wtudents will endjoy having him back in the classroom!

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Will Ilgauskas' return to Cleveland spell the end for Darnell Jackson?

I hope Darnell Jackson continues to play! He is such a GREAT guy!

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