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Smoker reaches out to Lawrence resident through anonymous letter

Chantix!!! If you really want to quit, it's the wonder drug. I like the dreams. I can usually remember them quite vividly too.

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13-year-old girl testifies that father came up with plan for children to murder their mother

I'll put my years of education on child development to use. By age 12, a child does know right from wrong. By age 12, they should be leaving the concrete operations phase (organized, logical thought, thinking is less egocentric, capable of concrete problem solving) and entering the formal operations phase (abstract thought incorporating logic, and prepositional logic).

So, yes this girl knew it was wrong to try to hurt her mother. She understood that hitting her with a bat could result in death. She understood she had a choice to open the door to allow her brother inside. She knew it was against the law (hence the not cooperating until she was given immunity).

But, she was also obviously mentally abused (probably by both parents). This has to be factored into the equation.

She shouldn't be given a free ride after this. I don't think juvi would be the ideal location for her either. I wouldn't place her back with her mother, but I also wouldn't throw her into the foster care system.

The best thing for her will be finding a place where she can receive intense therapy until she is a legal adult and they can prove that she is mentally capable of being a sane, productive citizen. Unfortunately, I don't think anything like this exists here for her. The norm would be to throw her from foster home to foster home.

I wish you had to get a parenting license to have kids.

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Polls reflect U.S. racial divide

Yes Moderate - the fact that blacks have overwhelming voted democrat since they were allowed to vote.

This shouldn't even be an issue.

And if blacks overwhelmingly supported Obama just because he is half black, how is that any different than all the Christians that voted for Bush just because they they were brainwashed to believe he was a good Christian that talked to god? they didn't pay any attn to what Bush actually did, they just had to vote for the guy that claimed he was close to god.

How about we focus on important things like the fact he's sending more troops (some of my friends) to Afghanistan and this crappy economy?

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Kansas lawyer could become Nigerian king

Confrontation - why don't you prove this. ^^^^

Yeah, all the black guys I ever dated claimed this. And one was from Ghana.

Sounds like some racist hogwash.

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Statehouse Live: NAACP to meet with Otto over video controversy

^^^^^^^ Totally agree Mel. Glad to see he's gone.

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North Second and Locust intersection likely won't be open by Jan. 1

mae - If you're referring to the stretch of road out by Pine farms, they've had that blocked off for a while. I keep hoping they'll repave it. If you can drive through that road, then someone is getting out and moving the road closed signs. They are trying to keep people off of it.

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North Second and Locust intersection likely won't be open by Jan. 1

loloen - there's no way they'll fix the roads they're tearing up with all the detoured vehicles. I've sent emails to the city asking and get no response to this question.

In the article they say they've been working every day, including Sundays. Bold faced lie. They have been making progress, but they aren't working 7 days a week.

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Statehouse Live: NAACP to meet with Otto over video controversy

The racism still present in America (as seen in the posts by certain people here) is amazing.

When the NAACP starts lynching white people, then you can put them in same class as the KKK.

My white parents were "nicely" forced out of Springfield in the 70's when neighbors who we found out were in the KKK decided to have a discussion with my parents about their black friends. Once these discussions turned to threats, we had to leave. I take bullsh*t comments about the KKK like those thrown around here very seriously. I doubt you - darkghost - have ever had any dealing with the KKK, unless you are a closeted member (which wouldn't surprise me based on your posts).

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2009 giving to United Way roughly equal to 2008, so far

Why do you people feel the need to bash the United Way?

Keep in mind, many employers match contributions. the dollars I donate are doubled. My employer paid out almost $10K last year in matching funds. Employees of my company would have to be morons to not donate and get their dollars matched.

Many of these charities don't get enough money from the general public and rely on the UW. If you gave enough, they wouldn't have to go to the UW.

Can you find something besides a charity to bitch about?

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Medical marijuana blurs legal lines

jimmyjms (Anonymous) says…

Uh, yeah.

“Small government! Let the states decide!”

“Wait, they decided the way I didn't want them to?”

“Legislate morality, I tells ya!”

Thank you, Jimmy!!!!!!

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