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Holiday season a mixed bag, so far, for area nonprofits

I've adopted two families. Come on people - adopt a family. You will feel so good x-mas morning knowing that you made it possible for a needy family to have a nice holiday.

As Johnny Dare says - it's a hand up, not a hand out.

If you just have people you work with pool money together, you can easily help a family.

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Stripper Blog: Big Fat Butt

Zilla (Anonymous) says…

So, assuming that Anna didn't know what the word 'provincial' meant as a child it makes her somehow less intelligent? I didn't know what it meant when I was a child either. I believe you don't start getting into the bigger, better vocabulary words until you're a teenager.

I said nothing about "as a child". As an adult, she had no clue what provincial meant. She stated above when another poster used the word provincial, she had to look it up because she didn't know it and commented about how as an adult she has to look big words up. Provincial isn't a big word. And a supposed college grad should know these "big" words.

Anna - try this for provincial. I said nothing about your blog. Your lifestyle and line of work is what I was referring to as being an act that is shameless and/or severely lacking in any form of class, good breeding and/or intellect (stripper/prostitute - let's be honest, you work at the STD Outhouse - which you even stated you don't make money at by dancing on stage).

I would think a highly educated stripper might understand that words have multiple meanings. Did you know provincial has many meanings? And I would think that someone as young as you and so in touch with the common people (what you dance for) might know the urban defs.

But, you also fit one of the traditional meanings - a person lacking urban polish or refinement. I'm sure most strippers are refined women with lots of class. From your own blog referring to how you call each others whores and sluts instead of using names shows that. And the fact you strip for cash does as well. And, we know you aren't the superior of a province of a Roman Catholic religious order.

Sorry, can't take anything serious when I'm dealing with a person that sticks their crotch in others faces for a living and boasts about it. I do think you're a cheap stripper that makes a living off of lap dances and other acts for cash, just don't buy your b.s. line about being well educated, losing it all and resorting to stripping in a corn field for money.

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Stripper Blog: Big Fat Butt

Anna says.... How wonderful to have the list of definitions for the word “provincial” committed to memory. :) As a child, I used to page through my favorite big dictionary and read all those big, weird words of the adult world. Unable to memorize it all, I still keep the electronic version near me every time I open a book.


You say you went to college, but need a dictionary to know what provincial means?? I thought your blogs and story were total BS, but this totally proves it. You say you went to college, but have no knowledge of a basic word like provincial? Your job is provincial and I've included the definition for you so you don't have to look it up again - (an act that is shameless and/or severely lacking in any form of class, good breeding and/or intellect.). See, it has more than one meaning. It's a big, hard word. Denak is not provincial.

Also, please answer this. If you had such a great job out east, why did you need to come to tiny little Lawrence, KS to pad your resume? Your stories just don't add up. You can easily state the college you went to and your major without disclosing your real identity.

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Trash talk takes a turn: Plans for bills based on usage studied

chic (Anonymous) says…

and where are we supposed to put the recycle? Some of us who do not have a vehicle are not able to use up several gallons of gasoline each week to drive our SUV's to someplace which is supposed to accept it… (but which sometimes just throws it away, anyhow)

Assinine comment. To start, you can have your recycling picked up curbside if you don't have transportation to take it to the recycling center. And I manage to drive my compact car full of recycling once a month to the recycling center and I use maybe 1/3 gallon of gas (if that). Hmmmm, throw away a bunch of sh*t that will sit in a landfill forever or drive once a month to the recycling center.

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Polls reflect U.S. racial divide

TomJoad - I made a comparison comment about religous zealots and Bush and got asked about it. So I answered it. Bugger off and don't read it of you don't like it.

Oppose - I don't think Obama got 80% of the white vote because there are still a lot of racists out there. Just read comments on this site to back that up. Even liberal Lawrence has a ton of racists. And Obama wasn't making up bullsh*t stories about being under fire in war zones. Hillary made herself look like a fool and paid for it.

Sat - maybe you should ask your questions about "common attributes, perspective, beliefs, and values of the African-American community" to the African community. I can only answer in general terms. I am a mix (if we're talking percentages, I'm about 15% black). I can tell you what my black friends say, which is the republican party supports racism. None of my black friends would ever vote republican.

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Citing budget cuts, state suspends hotel safety and sanitation inspections

All Ramada Inns suck any more. And Days Inn is terrible too. For a quick overnight stay, Comfort Inn is pretty good.

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13-year-old girl testifies that father came up with plan for children to murder their mother

She's been granted immunity from criminal charges. Doesn't mean they can't and won't lock her away in a facility until she's 21. Most likely, she'll get thrown into the foster care system. Not a good thing.

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Polls reflect U.S. racial divide

Barry - you are so ignorant.

I don't equate race with religion. If you ever wonder why people don't take you seriously, it's because of your bullsh*t statements like this one.

This article and many comments on here are using race as the overwhelming reason why blacks support Obama. I don't agree. I think it's a democrat vs republican issue and I have stated that.

The comparison I did make was that if race is the main factor why blacks do support Obama, how is that any different than Christians supporting a president based solely on religion as conservative Christians did Bush? They overlooked all his failings and that he was ruining this country because they believed he was close to god. Those my sir, are brainwashed people.

And yes, I do think Christians are brainwashed (not only Christians, any people that rely on religion to control all aspects of their lives). I've stated that many times in past posts - no new news here. I will again say that I was brought up in a very strict Christian household, have studied the bible and ancient history in depth. I believe that anyone that truely believes there are gods out there that control every little aspect of their lives are brainwashed people. People use religion as a crutch. I prefer to stand on my own two legs and make my own decisions about life, not based off what people thought thousands of years ago when they had no clue how anything in this universe worked. Religion isn't progressive. Religion does discriminate. Religion causes wars. Religion keeps people from thinking for themselves.

You Barry, are the poser.

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Polls reflect U.S. racial divide

Satirical (Anonymous) says…

“…how is that any different than all the Christians that voted for Bush just because they they were brainwashed to believe he was a good Christian that talked to god?”

That is a valid criticism. People vote for individual who belong to a certain groups because they assume they have the common attitudes, perspective, beliefs, and values of that group. The next question is what did/do African-Americans believe were/are the common attitudes, perspective, beliefs, and values of what they considered to be a member of their group?

I think most blacks (I can't speak for blacks - only a little bit of my lineage is black) vote democrat because the republican party is overwhelming perceived (for good reason) to be white based and racist. It will take a monumental shift to get the black community to vote republican. The basic values and beliefs are that we are truely equal and should treat everyone, regardless of race, as equal. The republican party doesn't stand for equality. They tend to fight it.

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Polls reflect U.S. racial divide

opposeobama - most blacks didn't REALLY get to vote until the 60's. That is what I'm referring to.

If you want my opinion on why Obama got 80% of the black vote in the primaries - it's the same reason I wouldn't vote for Hillary. I didn't like the way she was campaigning and the lies she told. Lots of people, black and white, respected and liked Obama for who he is. I would not have voted for Hillary or Edwards. I do think if Obama were white (remember he's half white) he would have still won the primaries.

You hate Obama and it's clear. Move along now, nothing to see here.

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