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D.A. calls Lawrence Memorial Hospital turning away rape victims 'unconscionable'

I suppose LMH is an average hospital. For a town the size of Lawrence, it always seems understaffed, and their financial decisions often seem based on the wrong priorities. Give the CEO a $15,000 raise, build more parking lots and expensive ER suites, but still not have enough nurses?? I don't think it's out of line for Branson to publicize this. Could be the DA's office and law enforcement have few options other than bad publicity to coerce a hospital to do the right thing for rape victims. No doubt hiring/training more forensic nurses is on their to-do list, but Branson wants to move it to the top. Good for him.

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Pilot curbside recycling plan gains traction

Long term it will probably be mandated in the future when we start running out of space for landfills and the laws get better to ban sending our waste to 3rd world countries. Better to be proactive and start public programs now to get people ready for inevitable mandates down the line. Americans are so lazy and so spoiled about waste disposal. Many cities mandate trash organization into recyclables and non-recyclables now. Just like healthcare, we are one of the last holdouts of industrialized countries to make meaningful changes to limit the trash we produce. I'm as lazy as the next person and would not look forward to having to pay for the amount of trash I put out each week, but that's the way it should be. (Exactly the way we pay for other utilities like water, gas, electricity, etc., by the way.) Probably the only reason it's not done now is it would be a nightmare to implement--and I mean just in terms of how to design and implement a program where each household pays a rate based on their trash production. The nightmare of belligerent trash producers screaming about government intervention is a whole other issue.

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Many budgets strained on the 1st

"he and his mom also attended the demolition derby at $10 per person. "

***HOW DO YOU KNOW WHO PAID FOR THAT? COULD HAVE BEEN A FRIEND OR RELATIVE. YOU HAVE NO IDEA SO DON'T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS. ***i hate it when holier than thou's start in with the well, they shouldn't have a tv or rent videos or they shouldn't buy this or that. so petty and useless. try for a little generosity of spirit. so it's evil to take your kid to a derby? maybe she shouldn't have spent that money, but when you are in a bad place emotionally and economically, a little fun can help more than you realize to get through the next funless 30 days. an overall state of poverty is crushing to the spirit. and sometimes poor choices are made. but the entire country has demonstrated that Americans have no budgeting skills. she's hardly alone. she just has less to work with.

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Kansas Athletics to give $40 million to academic programs at KU

"Looks like all the gym class fatties are coming out of the woodwork."
Yep, and proud of it (although I happened to be a skinny person who hated gym class): also an A student by the by.

"Without Kansas Athletics the University of Kansas would be Emporia State and Lawrence would be Emporia…"

Wow, the idiocy of this statement just supports my belief that huge swaths of the American public got very little out of their educational years beyond an ongoing obsession with high school and college sports.

And for the record, if you all want to waste your money on sports, go for it. I could care less how much money you waste on sports, but all that money is in aid of entertainment and only entertainment. Individual athletes are, presumably, learning about discipline and teamwork, but individual attendees are merely spending money on entertainment. So at least admit that all this defense of sports is a defense of the pursuit of entertainment and don't get so holier than thou about it.

I'm sure it's true that KU Athletics benefits KU academics in many ways (the new chancellor has stated this position eloquently), but personally I don't think the national (and international) obsession with sports/entertainment is a positive reflection on society (the obsession with entertainment in this country has destroyed the quality of the news media).

It just seems a shame that college sports has turned into a major financial juggernaut, and, one of many results, the cost of seats has skyrocketed accordingly. Maybe a lot of sports fans have huge amounts of money to burn, but it seems inappropriate at a college level to turn the whole athletics department into a financial behemoth. It was appalling when all those longtime KU fans got dumped out of their season ticket seats by the new rules. I had friends who were loyal KU fans and bought seats for years and years who just got screwed--*not* how KU should reward its fans IMO. Even for me, someone who has no interest in sports, tossing out all those fans seemed crass. And why did they? Because KU Athletics has turned into a huge financial empire with the corresponding imperial aims? I don't know why. Maybe some of you sports fans can enlighten me on the necessity for such Trump-style entertainment prices.

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Advocates push for health care reform at South Park vigil

I must say this takes the prize for most lame article of the week. Talk about a lackluster, pro forma description of an event. Mark Boyle, this is your idea of an informative article???

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Kansas Athletics to give $40 million to academic programs at KU

"It's better for Lew to decide what's “fair” now, on his terms, rather than waiting for them to name those terms."

This analysis seems sensible. Don't know much about any of this, but I know the amount of money Americans spend on sports and sports-related activities is ridiculous. But it's your money I guess. Seems like $40 mil is better than nothing, but not worth sainthood for Lew Perkins. Too bad the KU Libraries can't figure a way to start/sponsor a sports franchise. Instead they have to rely on donors who believe universities are about education and academics, not sports. Even if football and basketball (or whatever) pay for all the other sports, it's still seems barely worth the money spent.

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Health insurance ’purging’ investigated

"How is this different than any other insurance policy out there? If you get into a bunch of wrecks the insurer drops you."
Wow, with that attitude, I hope it happens to your employer, but chances are you can say that with such unconcern because you work for the govt or a large business? There is no comparison between being purged by a health insurance company and being dropped by an auto insurance company. If dropped by one auto insurance company, a business can easily find another without major penalties. (In fact, I question if that statement is even true. I've never heard of a business being dropped due to massive accident claims. Give an example of this please.)

With the kind of cross information among the big five health insurance company underwriters, if a company is dropped by their insurance company **because** they have a sick employee, not only do ALL those employees lose coverage, but chances are good that ALL those employees will also soon pay twice as much in premiums and get half as much coverage with a new insurance company plan. If one health insurance company drops you because you have a sick employee, you are flagged by all the other insurance companies as a financial loss in the making.

Once again, healthcare should NOT be handled by for profit companies. We are the ONLY industrialized nation to be so a**-backwards that we don't treat healthcare as a public right.

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Jenkins plans town hall forum at Dole Institute

The Great White Hope... I like that. The Great White Hope doesn't care about single moms only small business owners. As far as I can tell from listening (for as long as I could stand it) to the "healthcare debate" on the radio yesterday with McCain et al., the only constituents the Republicans pay attention to are the small business owners (who turn out to be mostly the big business owners) and the big bucks industry leaders who contribute to their PAC funds. Imagine telling a single mom struggling to pay her own way that she should be "an adult" and go buy insurance. What I find most insulting about this Republican b*** about govt takeover of healthcare is not their hypocrisy in supporting Medicare benefits only when it's politically expedient, but their utter contempt for working people who struggle to live just above the poverty line, as if they really do equate an individual's income with that individual's personal value to the community. Wealthiness is next to godliness I guess.

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Growing an economic development opportunity

So the keep government out people are not interested in supporting local farmers? Shame on you. But not surprising: when it comes to forking out your own dollars you aren't interested in supporting locals over huge conglomerate food producers.

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State audit says universities can reduce costs by cutting faculty, eliminating classes

Wow--the same day Hemenway gets 300,000 plus in compensation, the legislature says drop faculty and cut classes to save money.

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