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Four-year Jayhawk Boulevard construction project could end with re-creation of old tree canopy, new center bike lane

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It has taken me many years of service to finally earn a gold parking sticker - one of the few benefits of longevity, and now decent parking will be gone. Love the trees, but leave the parking places - parking is already scarce there!

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Brownback signs bill restricting late-term abortions based on 'fetal pain'

And so goes the debate. I am a woman. It is my body when it is occupied by me, alone. When a child exists in it, it is no longer just "my body". There is another living human being in there. I am forever baffled by those who gloss over that part of the equation. Most often the absence of a negative action against that child is all that is necessary after conception to allow it to be born and survive. If you are put in a position where you are denied access to food, or water, or air to breathe, you become "non-viable" too. I will never understand how we can "split hairs" over human life and decide when it is worthy and when it is not. And I write this as someone who was formerly pro-choice. Thank goodness I learned to value all life.

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Lawrence full-day kindergarten expanding as school cuts loom

Just when I thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous........
The board/district in their infinite wisdom closed a school because of the huge budget shortfall, only to spend the vast majority of that money for all day kindergarten.
This same astute group also opted not to fill two vacant positions at the high schools, while adding an entire grade level to each, when people all over town are telling them that the high schools are already extremely overcrowded.
And finally, they are going to look at increasing class sizes yet again, despite the thousands of pages of documents from respectable studies saying how detrimental this is to our children.
When does the incredibly poor decision-making stop???? I am not a teacher, but it would seem to me that if there are any experts who should be consulted about all of these things, it should be our teachers. They know what works best for our children, and they know what doesn't - like larger classes, less teachers, adding additional classes each day for the already overworked and underpaid teachers to cover, in physical spaces already overcrowded. There are areas that could be cut which would have less of an impact on our students and their teachers. And while I'm on my soapbox, VOTE TO APPROVE THE TEACHERS' SALARY INCREASE. These people have a very direct impact on our children, and they are passed over time and time again.

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First Bell: Boundary changes proposed to handle Wakarusa Valley closure; Follies to feature ‘School Board Meeting: The Musical’; voters want their voices heard

And while I'm at it, am I the only person who finds it incredibly disrespectful and in poor taste in the current climate for district personnel to poke fun at the school board meetings? I don't really care what the context is, now is not the time.

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First Bell: Boundary changes proposed to handle Wakarusa Valley closure; Follies to feature ‘School Board Meeting: The Musical’; voters want their voices heard

See folks, this is what we've had to deal with. GardenMomma raises a valid point - "according to capacity documents there are going to be 101 seats available next year at Broken Arrow, so accommodating 86 should be fine." It's a moving target people. It's only 101 when you want your numbers to show that you can easily close a school and move kids. When you have to actually do it, the plan gets more complicated, but that information wouldn't have looked as convincing to everyone when trying to railroad the school closings. You have to wonder, if there had been full transparency, how many more people would have joined the fight against this poorly thought out plan. The problem is, it's hard to tell what the REAL plan is!

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District direction

One of the main issues is this - whether you have a vested interested in keeping Wakarusa Valley open or not, I would hope it would be difficult to "sell" the voters on the idea that it makes sense to close a perfectly good building (again...) and then turn around and ask us to fund the construction of multiple new schools. I will be very surprised if a bond issue doesn't appear for two new schools within the next 3-5 years. In these economic times how does it make sense to close good buildings and then ask us to pay to build more? IT DOESN'T.

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District direction

A full on attack like that needs to back it up with facts. Please explain.

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What Do We (You) Really Care About?

THANK YOU. All of us whose children currently attend Wakarusa Valley appreciate your support. It makes me sad to hear you say that you have heard suprisingly little about the elementary school closures. We are trying. We are writing letters. We are calling. We are meeting with each and every school board member. We are attending meetings. But we are not the school board. They hold our children's futures in their hands, and I am afraid and upset that many of them are not listening to us. My hope is that others will speak up as you have done to let them know that this type of decision affects everyone negatively, not just us.

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Jim Clark looking for role on Lawrence school board after Kansas lobbying career

As opposed to electing a school board member with clear vested financial interest in keeping a particular school open, and this school board member seeing no conflict of interest when voting to close schools. Hmmmm. I think I'll take my chances with Mr. Clark.

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Jim Clark looking for role on Lawrence school board after Kansas lobbying career

At the risk of polluting this forum with Facebook Speak - LIKE!!!!!!

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