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Rescue programs give pups a wing and a prayer

Lawrenceguy40, I am going to pretend you didn't just say that, you heartless jerk. What's it to you? I hope you never need a helping hand of any kind. And if you do, I hope someone "throws you against a very hard stone wall."

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Eudora City Council OKs new athletic facility

Building a new football stadium but cutting teachers? Wow, get your priorities straight, Eudora.

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For teen mom, a lifetime of responsibility comes with new baby

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D.A. calls Lawrence Memorial Hospital turning away rape victims 'unconscionable'

LMH is a crap hospital. I wouldn't even take my dog to that emergency room. Good for you , Branson. Keep up the good work!

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Do you think Jake Sharp will lead the Big XII in rushing this year?

I had Jake Sharp as a 4th grader in Bennington, KS. Knowing that kid, he'll get it done!

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Dog stolen from Lawrence Humane Society

You need to shut your mouth. Our taxes do not go to the Humane Society. They are funded by the state and government. And so what if they did, at least they would be going to something useful and not to deadbeat HUMAN services like welfare. I would much rather pay for a puppy or kitten than a scumbag human who sucks the system dry and feels good about it.

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Did you watch any of the Michael Jackson funeral coverage?

Leave the man alone. He is dead. He has a family who loved him very much. He has children who have lost the only parent they ever knew. It's not Michael Jackson's fault that the MEDIA has covered his death obsessively....he has nothing to do with it. He was a great entertainer and that's all that matters. It's comments from all of you that will hurt his children and family in the end. Like Al Sharpton said, "It's not your daddy who was strange, it's all the things he had to put up with that was strange." He was a human. Stop ridiculing him!

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Vigils held in Lawrence, Wichita for Tiller

If you don't have a womb, your opinion does not count.

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Former KU student Cem Basoflas pleads guilty in animal cruelty case, may face deportation

I hope this sick freak gets done to him in jail what he did to those poor, defenseless animals.

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Suspect in animal cruelty case released from jail on bond

Eye for an eye. I hope someone kills the bastard while he is roaming free. He should not be allowed to abuse other animals. Go back to Turkey, you sick freak. Stay the hell out of OUR country.

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