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Police arrest two Illinois parents after surrounding vehicle in parking lot of westside Walmart

They never use less than lethal force without good cause. If the individuals actions become dangerous and put the lives of the police or the public in jeopardy then they have to take actions to protect themselves and us. They don't use the tazer for fun, it's a tool that is used within department policy to get the job done. Get over it.. it obviously had to be done.

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Finalists for Lawrence's next police chief named

Please let them choose one of the candidates from out of the area. We need new blood.

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Shots fired outside the Granada Sunday morning

I dont think I made any apology regarding the appropriate police response that occured last night. And in regards to 'college town'..does anyone understand how understaffed the police department is when school ISNT in session? Those 'college kids' should be glad that a lone officer was there to step in front of the bullet that could've been aimed for them since they were just standing around watching. As for LPD contributing to 'as many deaths' as Topeka gangs..the media doesn't report how many times officers make the decision not to have a lethal confrontation when they would be justified to do so. They make decisions based on the total outcome of the event..unlike gang members who dont care if they're your kids or mine.

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Shots fired outside the Granada Sunday morning

Citizens such as lawrenceguy40 make me physically ill. Where will you be WHEN, not IF, it's your time to need police intervention. I wish I could be there to see you run and hide like a small child behind the man or woman that will protect your life and property at any cost. Even if that means that THEY don't get to go home to their families at the end of the night. To be the one that tells you afterward that the loud noise you heard ringing in your ears was not sirens coming to help you, but you screaming like a little girl in your time of need. Police officers go to war every night, and it's getting worse. This incident, among others recently, proves it. The officer that pulled out the rifle, or ANY gun for that matter, did so rightly. Thank God for police officers here or anywhere. They do the job that only a select few want and are capable of doing. They'll run in as YOU'RE running out.

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