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Simons' Saturday Column: Stakes are high in the current federal tax debate

Hey, Dolph, be glad I never dated Pam because she'd be a Democrat by

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Republican lawmakers to choose legislative leaders

No, he won't apologise, and now Kansas voters richly deserve the state government they voted for. Your state will be destroyed by the Tea Party.

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Editorial: Discouraging number

Why would anyone care to register to vote in Kansas at all anymore? The Koch Brothers simply annoint whoever they want, and Dolph Simons, Jr. will endorse whatever criminals are assigned to the transfer of wealth from ordinary Kansans to their corporate interests. Why bother to vote? Better off moving to another state where the Republican Taliban haven't taken over completely. I used to like and appreciate Kansas. Now I won't spend a dime or a minute there until they rejoin America.

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Libya response

Teabaggers are indeed offensive. I relish the idea of insulting you and your nasty little group of haters. You're Teabagger temper tantrum over the past two years has bored the American people and exposed your quest for for legitimized social selfishness. Prepare to have your Teabagger asses kicked in the national political arena. But not in Taliban Teabagger Kansas, since there are no more responsible adults in Republican politics there. I'm turning your racist, homophobic, paranoid, un-American, Teabagger behaviors right back on you. Think it's only Teabaggers who can raise hell with others in a public setting? Guess again. I'm here, I'm standing with Ralph and the rest of the Lawrence natives I grew up with there 50 years ago when people learned common-sense Kansas values and respect for our government. I will call your offensive Teabagger "movement" whatever I damn well please. Where's your birth certificate? Teabagger.

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Labels make compromise harder


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Labels make compromise harder

Win an election sometime.

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Labels make compromise harder

Cite your source or shut the piehole.

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Labels make compromise harder

Just admit your racism, it'll be a quicker less boring read.

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Libya response

Great response, Ralph. Way too many TeaBaggers on here with nothing to do but spout right-wing nonsense. They make me ashamed of my native state, along with the ridiculous birther/brownbach/kovach/koch CrazyTrain that you have installed in Topeka. Opal Jayne Kennedy would be ashamed of the Kansas Republicans. Right, Ralph? And if you don't know who Miss Kennedy was and how she influenced a generation, then you may not have any true "conservative Kansas values". Y'all really need to pull your heads out of the sand and figure out your politics...or, you could just continue to get older, poorer, and dumber. Which is exactly what your TeaBag heroes have in mind for you. Cheers!

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