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Simons' Saturday Column: Lawrence has lost growth, economic momentum

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May 4, 2013 at 12:49 p.m. ( )

Brownback administration cites more savings from KanCare, wants to use funds for those with disabilities

Well, my Kansas friends, you now have the state government you voted for. Your state is the laughingstock of the country, your Bible-thumping statewide ignorance is legendary. You are now governed by the inmates from the State Hospital. Good Luck.

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Former Republican state senator talks about conversion to Democratic Party

It's great to live in Colorado. Kansas is so screwed up by the Kochs and the Tea Party that when it finally dawns on y'all what happened you'll have the worst performing state in the country. Think Mississippi. And this thread of posts is simply hysterical, all the puffed-up Teabaggers spouting off like they think they know what governing effectively means. The rest of the country is laughing at you. Industries won't be moving jobs to Kansas because of how painfully ignorant and uneducated most of its residents are and will be. I worked for a Republican Kansas Governor, and cooperated with John Carlin's staff to work cooperatively and move Kansas forward. That was a proud time for your state (1970's). Now I won't even visit there. BTW, Bill Self ain't that good a coach either. Can't relate to his players. They don't like the guy. Great recruiter though. Just sayin'. It's great to live in Colorado. Don't plan to move here, you won't be welcome. In fact, why don't you all vacation in Branson from now on?

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KU student hospitalized after skiing injury in Colorado

The Mountaineer's perspective: The accident is a shame. However, alpine skiing at Winter Park or any ski area is simply another mountain sport. By participating in mountain sports one assumes numerous risks of serious injury, regardless of whether the activity is on Mt Everest or at a ski area. My experience is that the payment of daily fees, as well as the presence of lift operators, ski patrol, and of course the bar, tend to cause the typical fraternity/sorority skier to not be aware enough of risks to exercise due caution. Mountain sports are especially unforgiving, and inexperience often results in undue exposure to injury and death.

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Brownback defends handling of programs designed to help poor Kansans

Wow. The people of Kansas are just dumbed-down stupid these days, aren't they? Your state is now ruined for at least a generation, probably more. And Dolph Simons still rules the Lawrence media. You all have really screwed yourselves. Hope you'll like living in the Mississippi of the Midwest. BTW, the Governor and his oil friends are also
fracking your water supplies, so be sure to save up for bottled water. Just throw the bottles in the landfills.

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Study: ‘Fiscal cliff’ may cost Kansas 40,000 jobs, $2.75 billion GDP

You people better learn that you can't sit on your asses in Lawrence and change your state for the better. That goes double for whoever the Kansas Democratic Party Chair is. The state of Kansas is an embarrassment, and KU is looking especially bad, speaking as a Lawrence native and KU alum. I won't even spend any money in the state now, much less contribute to anything KU. You do realize that your state is owned by the John Birch Society, don't you? When I was growing up in Lawrence these people were despised, now they're glorified in the Journal-World and by Rush Limbaugh. Be extremely ashamed.When is the Koch Brothers statue coming to campus?

December 14, 2012 at 4:09 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Study: ‘Fiscal cliff’ may cost Kansas 40,000 jobs, $2.75 billion GDP

Are you Kansas people just deliberately ignorant, or is it that you didn't learn math well enough to understand that the Republicans you voted for are screwing you?

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Simons' Saturday Column: KU football takes a hit; Dole conference a success

KU has a good football team once every decade or many years have you all been around Lawrence/KU anyhow? Rookies...

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Editorial: Another chance

The less the Brownback crowd gets its hands on the better for the people of Kansas. That said, in Colorado our legislature will this session consider establishing the Colorado Health Care Cooperative, a single-payer non-profit entity permitted by ObamaCare, which would provide all basic health services for all Colorado residents.This is how many states that realize this is the 21st century are governing and taking care of their residents. Kansas is an embarrassment. Has been ever since Roy Williams moved. Smart guy.

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Do you think Kansas legislators should have supported the Topeka school district's attempt to secure a $40 million federal education grant?

When are you people in Kansas gonna straighten this mess out? Eisenhower is spinning in his grave, and you let the Tea Party Republican Senators knife Kansan Bob Dole right in the back without even a comment. Did you think ole' Bob has sold out to the One World Government United Nations? Your state is really badly ruined by the Koch Brothers' Tea Party. Nobody wants to move there, live there, recreate there, or God forbid go to school there. To most everybody outside the state you're a bunch of illiterate jackasses. Little girls have Tea Parties, ok? How come there was no bitching about "Federal Control" when No Child Left Behind was pushed down by Bush & Cheney? God you people are ignorant and dumb!

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