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Roberts, Jenkins predict congressional action on guns in wake of mass shooting at Florida high school

Rep. Lynn Jenkins:
On Feb 16, I received a response to my letter from you (or your assistant) about the Parkland slaughter. Your letter of response said: "Yet, I am convinced we are not doing enough to abate these horrific events." Then, my response is DO SOMETHING!!! You have less than one year left in office. You can be more proactive to control the access and use of weapons of war in our schools and communities. I have long given up on your colleague, Sen. Roberts, as he bides his time until retirement.
You said: "I think our constituents are demanding some kind of solution." Does it take 17 deaths to come to this realization? The Second District is watching.

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Lawrence-based Wicked Broadband announces plan to install super-fast 1 gigabit Internet service to Lawrence neighborhood

Regardless of the complaints from users of the local cable, phone, and Internet company - everyone knows it is managed and operated everyday by Lawrence folks who need not turn to gimmicks (remember FreeNet?) and promises to attempt a viable business. The only component needed is to encourage competition and to have corporate owners who understand the uniquely, highly educated customer base that exists in this Lawrence market. Josh Montgomery will continue to try gimmicks and will find some believers. Check the numbers . . . Lawrencians still want the package that provides value; local employees who are your neighbors; and those who respond the best to customer needs. Check with Wicked in six months and see what has happened to your $10. I already sense a chortle coming from the offices of the stable business providers.

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Former player Greg Gurley settling into 'dream job' as KU radio analyst

I am a KU fan from decades past. Whereas I am loyal to Greg and all current and past Jayhawks, I just cannot stand his radio voice. I work out of state M - F, thus I rely on satellite radio. If it was not for Bob, I would switch to the opponent's satellite feed just to avoid Greg's voice. Yes, it is that bad. I am sure he is much better raising dollars than he is a broadcaster. Why not have David Lawrence? He has the right voice and knows a lot about football and basketball.

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Cheers, then tears: KU wins again on Senior Night

Always from afar as this Iowa Jayhawk flies the proud Crimson and Blue , a televised game is never missed and the pride of being a Jayhawk is never forgotten. Congrats coaches and players - on to post season with the "normal" expectations!

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Free throws priceless for one family

Thank you, Tom, for this wonderful article. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I know the Phelps family as they share a common employer with my wife's company. The joy of young Phelps making the free throws in front of her dad is priceless. Every moment of every day given to see life as it is results in blessings - if we only take the opportunity to see them! I pray for all of the Phelps family that God will bestow many, many more wonderful momemts that can never be forgotten. The power and awewsomeness of prayer will always overcome. Congratulations, Harley! You have given your Dad another gift. Today is a Gift...
This is why it's called the "Present". Godspeed to all. Pax!

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Sound Off: What has happened to the world news in our newspaper? There is so much news in the world

The LJWorld continues to struggle financially. Online they cannot be beat. The print edition, with the exception of Sports, just continues to deteriorate. This iconic news tool, when the elder leadership of the Simons, Gage, et al is gone , is to be watched carefully.

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City, County would pay to keep open state SRS office under proposal announced Monday

I wonder if the Governor will need to visit Texas and pray about this before it is approved.
Pass the offering plate! I support whatever it takes to help those who are obnoxiously overlooked by leaders to the west.

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Downtown Lawrence retailers split on extending hours

Competiton is the best Rx in this case. The more stores that have later hours - the more early closers will realize they are missing a piece of the pie. Let free enterprise work . . .
Anyone remember when food markets were closed on Sundays and holidays? Let the free market do the talking.

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Lighted path between downtown Lawrence, KU gets final piece of needed funding from city commission

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