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From animals to art, library to law enforcement, city has long list of funding requests for 2014

The library vote was much less that 55%. After researching old JW stories, there were approx. just under 80,000 registered voters. Those voting against the library were approx. 10,495. Those voting for approx. 12, 840. If you subtract those voting against from those voting for the library, the project is being built for 2,345 voters.

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School board OK's $4.1 million in projects; reorganizes administration

Blended classrooms. HA! More facebook time.

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Lawrence school board to seek $92.5 million bond issue

Below is what was posted on USD website. Most of it is double speak. Make them spell out exactly what they intend to do. For example one of the items on the Deerfield school chart that needed to be fixed: ""cafeteria, with an institutional quality, does not serve well as a learning environment."" Ummm, which students are taking cooking classes? Here is another one: ""conference room is in low range of district average square footage"" Ummmm, really. They also say the need public restrooms for gym - the restrooms are just outside and down the hall from the gym. Commuinty⁄ PTO space - why? They cannot use the library or cafeteria space, come on. Public restroom - so what are the current restrooms?
The lists of rinky dinky things to just keep on spending money. Not really repairing, just whatever they can think up to spend money on.

From USD website:
Larger elementary classrooms that provide better opportunities for break-out and in-class multi-modal learning activities
Elementary resource spaces that are flexible and dispersed throughout schools, creating multiple learning environments for students and appropriate collaboration/office space for teachers
Elementary special education spaces that enable sensory learning activities and are equipped with restrooms and adequate storage
Districtwide infrastructure improvements supporting instructional technology
Districtwide upgrades to mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems
Security, especially as it pertains to school entrances, and campus safety (pickup/dropoff and parking areas)
Additional classroom capacity (Free State High) and enlarged common spaces (Lawrence High kitchen/cafeteria)
Building capacity to accommodate elementary growth
Assessing elementary priorities
Sustainable/energy efficiency initiatives

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Dispute with EPA plays into possible water and sewer rate increases in Lawrence

The EPA is an out-of-control government division. When they entered the picture it is a done deal. It no longer matters if the City handled the water correctly the EPA will rule in the EPA's favor. Prepare for an increase in your rates to pay for the EPA fine and prepare for the city to add their additional rate hike to pay for their "oh we need this (Translate Want).

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Financial stability

Thanks to Scott for another well throughout letter. Agree with "jafs" and "verity".
Also plan to move from Lawrence in under 5 years. Local governments have forgotten what their responsibilities are as stewards of the taxpayer’s money.

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Town Talk: UPDATE: Thellman files for re-election to county commission; News of salvage yards, curbside recycling and a pig

My reply should have stated 100+ that Nancy should not be elected to another term.

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IQs need work

All your letters are so acerbic.

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KU doesn’t look far from nest for next group of Jayhawk scholars

And um, really was not so much about "In Recognition of Your Outstanding Academic Achievement" as stated in invitation. Just check out KU thing.

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KU doesn’t look far from nest for next group of Jayhawk scholars

A picture of LHS students. And, um, KU is a good, and, um, school to, and um, attend, and um. And "I have something to, and um, to say, and um, to you guys." And um, so the talks, and um, went, from the graduating, and um, KU - from Lawrence, and um, graduates.

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