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Gay marriage another sign of moral decay

Look, I lived and voted in California during the 2008 election. I protested against Prop 8, I donated for the No on 8 campaign, I wept for my friends who suddenly had to stop planning their weddings the moment it passed. I prayed God would open the hearts of the people who would vote against it.

Why? Because whether you believe homosexuality is a sin or not, we live in a country that states that all citizens have equal access and protection under the law. When a noted conservative lawyer argues AGAINST this proposition due to the unconstitutional nature of the prop, what does that tell you. Our judiciary is in place to police the legislative branch and make sure that nothing goes against our nation's constitution. When our federal government has declared more than a dozen times in the last 120 years that marriage is a fundamental right in this country, it falls under the scope of the 14th amendment. End of story.

Why is it then, that when it involves states rights and votes against guns, those who claim they are more conservative scream that nothing at all trumps the constitution. Yet when it comes to moral actions, the constitution should fall to the will of the people. Luckily, in our country, the tyranny of the majority is not recognized. You cannot, to date, determine that an underrepresented minority cannot have equal access under the law simply because you dislike them.

The people spoke, Mr Thomas, and they were wrong. Just as they were wrong when they spoke about slavery, women's rights and civil rights for minorities. How great, then, is our country for creating a system to make sure that when the people speak, it doesn't silence the voice of millions of other citizens simply because they are the "unapproved of" minority

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Group sues to stop ground zero mosque

Why should the name be offensive? While the Cordoban era was noted by conquest of Spain, those 800 years were seen as some of the most enlightened in Islam's history. The Caliphs were noted to work to spread the positive insights of Islam and there was very little civil unrest at that time.

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Group sues to stop ground zero mosque

How lucky, then, that these developers are looking to put X two blocks away from.

Frankly, most public land in the US is a grave to someone. Be it indigenous tribes or those who simply lost their life as the nation expanded. By your logic, it's disrespectful to build anywhere.

The ground the WTC stood on is not sacred. It is not hallowed ground. It is a place where thousands of people tragically lost their lives because of people with extreme, crazy views.

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Group sues to stop ground zero mosque

Sadly, there are many many people who believe the idea of religious freedom simply means "freedom to be Christian and anyone else can suck it up"

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Concern lacking

So when people use birth control and it fails in some way be it a broken condom or a birth control pill failure..what then? Because the same people who urge responsibility also say that abortion shouldn't be an option. NOR should abortion be compulsory for anyone with an unintended pregnancy who happens to be poor.

I am horrified at the sheer number of people who would penalize a child who has no choice in the matter for the perceived sins of the parent. A child doesn't ask to be born, it happens. Then what? "Sorry your mom/dad is poor but hey, they should have thought of that before having you so no dinner tonight kiddo! We don't want to pay for you!"

For all that there are people who abuse the system, and there are in ANY system, there are hundreds of thousands of people following the rules hoping like hell to get away from needing that assistance and acting like they're some sort of social failure doesn't help

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A $3M Clinton wedding?

OK? Not the way I'm planning to spend money on a wedding but who cares? I don't begrudge people their whole "platinum" wedding ideals. If they can afford it without going into debt to their eyebrows, go for it. Republican, Democrat, Independent or Green party kid..if you want a giant froufrou wedding and no one is getting stiffed for the cost, go nuts!

My own cousin spent over 35,000 on hers 8 years ago. I didn't get it then but hey, her mom paid for it happily *shrug*

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Many U.S. jobs not coming back

Well, the View isn't regularly brought to the forefront of the nation's minds due to anti-gay practices so...

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Many U.S. jobs not coming back

No one should ever smile! OR LAUGH! Oh god laughing is the WORST. When things are bad all you should do is paste on a cringing grimace and wander about morosely.

By G-d, it's the American Way!

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Obama signs unemployment bill

I'd rather borrow from my hypothetical grandchildren if it means I can feed my children today

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Leavenworth police investigating man's death after use of stun guns

Well it is the Leavenworth police. If there's one thing my hometown's police are known for, it's failing and overcompensating

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