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Opinion: Obama shows little aptitude for governing

Maybe my Jayhawk compatriots will wake up and smell the coffee. When you realize that the Income Redistribution jobs do not exist once matriculating from college, you will see what a mistake you have made putting this man in office. I was glad to see finally something in the Lawrence Bee that made some sense.

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Editorial: Stadium success

While I am one of many who would like the football team to improve beyond the cellar, ultimately the goal should be academics. But as I have followed KU since 1976, I feel that I can easily say the school's priority has been athletics and money raising; on par with most of the other academic institutions in our country. So stop blowing smoke and call a spade a spade.
Obviously KU has not been very successful in this process at least in regards to football!!

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Lawrence Memorial Hospital braces for cuts from Affordable Care Act

Okay. So they will lose $2.7 million from Medicare because of the ACA. But with Medicaid they would have received $1.1 million. Still a loss overall. Obamacare will bankrupt an already losing system....just faster. Stop blaming Bush.....or other republicans.

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LMH explores how to educate public on Obamacare

Lawrence must be the only place in the country where Obamacare is popular!!

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: You thought recruiting a point guard was tough? Try recruiting a doctor

I was hoping to consider Lawrence 22 years ago but the local surgeon was saving any opening for his son once he finished residency. In fact I met at least 2 other surgeons who had been in practice there eventually leaving because of this surgeon. Hmm. Now you have a problem. Go figure!

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Statehouse Live: Kansas University law professor to help states fight Affordable Care Act before U.S. Supreme Court

If you know any gay people, why don't you ask them. I went to a Tea party rally and i do not recall it being a gay event. As for your moronic rant, it is a wonder that a liberal law professor can be found that is reasonable and will to work with normal people!!

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Majority must reclaim center stage

For a brief moment I thought that this article would be legitimate. Then I saw that it was a joke.. By reading most of the comments, so did most of the readers.. Once again the lame street media doesn't disappoint.

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Self says reports on frosh Henry a bit premature

Personally I am tired of one and dones and would hope that Coach would not recruit such players. In the end he did not contribute to the ultimate goal. Let someone else play his time. Would have the same result in the end. He will make it in the NBA. Probably will not have anymore heart than he showed this year. If his parents who both played for KU, really cared, they would have encouraged both kids to play for KU in the first place. Coach Self made a spot for his brother as well and all they got was a one and done lack of effort. I say GO!

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Obama appoints KU grad to federal appeals court

Between KU losing so dramatically in round two, Sebelius going to Washington's Obamarama, and now this, I am beginning to feel embarrassed that I graduated from The University of Kansas.

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President Obama’s bracket champ: Kansas

I wish the prez would get off my band wagon. With his support we could lose!

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