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Lawrence police: No foul play suspected in Feb. 9 shooting death

Makes sense...i didn't think of that...thank you.

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Saturday Column: November elections key to setting nation’s course

Just imagine if he reversed Citizen's United... re-established Glass-Steagall... Sent Jamie Dimon to prison for fifty years... Created environment protections like the Native Americans have...oh sorry...had- like when changing nature you must consider the effect(s) it will have on the next 7 generations...repealed NAFTA...repealed the laws that mandate profit making as a paramount, or an absolute (like breathing)... that trumps the health and well being of the population and the condition of planet Earth... legalized several drugs so that the population would have to consider what effect it would have on one's health and future well being and pay that price when no violence or any other crime has been perpetrated...and bailed out the American Tax Payer through the IRS right at the same amount of cash that was used to bail out Wall Street. Sure would lock in a Democratic majority in the House and Senate and seal a victory in the White House for the next twenty-five years...of course this would just be the beginning then... I voted for him hoping he would start something. Like a revolution.

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Proposed bill would abolish no-fault divorce in Kansas

What if their both at fault...

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New wave of oil drilling disrupts rural neighborhoods

Yes...spiteful = Predatory Capitalism which = pain (chronic mental anguish, as well as decreased physical and spiritual well-being) for the people & profit ( the results of which- creates an entitlement to literally write the law in favor of this type profit that trumps the needs of the people- in all aspects of life). Capitalism as a way of organizing society has been undermined legislatively at an accelerated pace since the collapse of 2008. Now if they can do away with evolution...

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New wave of oil drilling disrupts rural neighborhoods

If you haven't noticed...decades of history and precedence isn't exactly what the deregulation-pro business-republican party gives a S*** about. Wonder what they think of evolution...light bulb...light bulb...

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Letter: Nonsense column

(Oh) Boy about naive... ever hear of existentialism? It's under philosophy at the Library. Take a year (which is what it will take) an read up... For Goodness Sake...

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Opinion: Prof expects more nonsense in ‘14

America has been taken over by some type of madness. It's characterized by a hysteria concerning what is reality (by the facts). It's followed by an overwhelming desire to destroy this reality. Madness is of course, much more harmful than being nonsensical. We've all been nonsensical at times, but have snapped out of it...usually accompanied with an embarrassing smile on our faces. Not so with madness. When you are this delusional, they're out to get you.

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KU professor who launched Hubble Telescope uses it again for research

Congrats professor Hawley!

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No Super Bowl snow, but winter storm coming to Lawrence

Gonna get bundled up and go for a long walk in it...might as well enjoy! Won't be driving much...gonna get everything I'll need.

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Praeger joins bipartisan group opposed to Brownback's re-election

Most adults require, need, want big government, but only if we the people run it. It is NOT Democracy if it is run be the people we work for. The law now mandates that profit must come before the needs of the people. LIGHT BULB!!

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