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Opinion: Kansas bill is desperate act

Good one Doug... wonder what they call them (crazies) in a "Blue State"... Governor? Sure would like to live in a blue state again. This kinda thing is just getting so old and weary.

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U.S. Senate hopeful Wolf apologizes for Facebook posts

It's gonna get really thick (sick) this election cycle. All the more reason to vote... vote people.

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Music therapy: Healing through the power of song

What a wonderful and simple way of learning and healing. It's been too long since I sang a song... used to sing in a choir.

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Deal struck to bring new grocer to Sixth and Wakarusa; Google's latest announcement and its impacts on Lawrence

Shop @ places that accept bitcoin & other crypto currency. Run like Hell from the coming Wall Street implosion. (Yes, I'm a crazy.)

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Mise en place: A place for everything

How the hell else are you going to do

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Speculation increases that site near The Oread hotel may be in running for convention center

I'm OK with it as long as they attach a casino... and build it on Mass. St.

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Opinion: Does legislation reflect Kansas?

Stop wondering. It's been a corporatocracy nation wide for quite a while now. Profits before the needs of the people and the planet is the Law. Democracy has been financially captured and rendered obsolete under the direction of the 1% who now write most of the legislation (which of course is d-regulatory) .This is old news. Capitalism as a way of organizing society has been undermined. Another Great Depression will be most difficult to avoid, with many well known economists estimating one in the next four years (2018). The signal to look for? When QE hits 100 billion a month.

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Kansas students lobby against sex ed bills

Understanding proper hygiene and contraceptives and the bodies that we have and will encounter is needed. Being educated is fine... but there comes a time when you just have to do it...

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Proposed pay raise for classified state employees disappearing from agency budgets

So a person works ten years and gets (LOL) a HUGE salary and benies... sounds like a middle class wage w/ adequate health insurance to me. And as an American, something to fight for and be proud of.

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Hundreds protest 'religious freedoms' bill at Kansas Statehouse

Think this through... if passed, those businesses that refuse service to same-sex couples would be out of the business in a matter of days when the word got out. The business would be boycotted. The LGBT'S could then buy the business. It's a WIN / WIN scenario... end of story... close your browser.

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