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Weather-related cancellations this weekend

Great job USD 497! Keeping our kids safe is most important

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Weather-related cancellations this week


if you havent heard, The wind chill is going to be at dangerous temps! just being outside is going to be dangerous conditions!!! It was a VERY smart and EDUCATED decision to cancel school.

By the way,
We may be raising our children to be wimps but at least they will have all their parts!!

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Night-shift parenting

I think , if you have the right support and your kiddos are off to school (so you can sleep), third shift isnt so bad. I have woked it and so long as you are able to have a set schedule, not bad! Most important thing would be getting sleep.

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LMH ranks No.1 in treating patients suffering heart attacks

LMH has sooooo improved over the last several years!

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Wednesday's school closings, other cancellations

Hope Lawrence Public Schools realize that with budget cuts was a loss of buses transporting. Many children have to walk to school and with temps falling, not sure the best idea is having school in session Wednesday! Just saying!!

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Lecompton man still in serious condition after motorcycle accident


You run your mouth on here like you really know something. yes, they young men on the motorcycle should have been wearing helmets but what about the one young mans legs, please tell me what a motorcyclist can do to protect them. The driver of the car should have been paying attention and this wouldnt have happened. PERIOD! At least one of these men will spend the rest of their lives disabled due to somebody driving the car that ran them over because she wasnt watching where the hell she was going.

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When it comes to daylight saving time, which do you prefer?

I like the daylight personally. really not a fan of it getting dark at 5 or 6 in the evening. Yuck!!!!!!!

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Police continue investigation of bicyclist’s death


Youre a freakin idiot!!

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Brady Morningstar's court appearance in DUI case rescheduled to Nov. 19

C'mon, give it a rest folks! Everybody in Lawrence and many other places know all his buisness. Let it go already!!!!!!!!!! Does everybody want to know when he takes a P!$$.

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Should the 6-year-old balloon boy in Colorado be punished?

The boy was outta school for a teacher development day. Yes, both the parents and the child should have some sort of punishment, but none that was on the poll.

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