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Lawrence man sentenced to life in prison for rape of 6-year-old girl

it amazes me that this man gets a life sentence but others get off with a slap on th hand (basically).

A Douglas County judge on Friday sentenced a Lawrence man to consecutive prison terms for his convictions on two charges stemming from the sexual assault of a teen-age girl. District Judge Ralph King Jr. ordered Ernest L. Hatch, 34, 1519 Powers, to serve 82 months in prison for raping the girl, who is now 14. He then ordered him to serve another 13 months for his conviction on another felony sex crime. The offenses occurred between December 1990 and March 13, 1994.

this was his own biological daughter!!! cant tell me he didnt deserve life if not death... this young lady got pregnant by her own father!!!

As far as I'm concerned, any man that rapes a young girl should get life in prison if not death!!!!

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Cancellations, closings and delays for Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011

I work for the district and school has NOT been cancelled YET! The likelyhood is high but has not been decided!!!

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Will KU football win another game this year?

They will....... Right?

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Two cars involved in injury accident

drove by there, its been awhile but couldnt see anying! Hope all is good.

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Lawrence school district moves two elementary principals as part of budget cuts

You say you feel sorry for the students at Kennedy. Why is that? Avery has got to be the most incompetent principal EVER!!! He gives no interaction to the students nor does he give a rats ass about them in general. As a parent of a child that attends there, this is the best news to come about. Felton Avery doesnt care about the needs of the students or acknowledge that parents exist, let alone get the parents involved. Better yet, he gets to move on to more children and be a negative influence (hopefully these kids are confident, not to pay any mind to what he has to say). HOPE HE RETIRES SOON AND DOES THIS DISTRICT A FAVOR!!!!!

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Are you generally satisfied with how the Lawrence School Board handled the $5 million in budget cuts members had to make?

Totally amazing to me how Cordley, Wakarussa, New york parents all had a say so in the closing of their school but Kennedy parents have NOOOO say in what happens to Cramming more kids into a school that already doesnt have enough space to accomodate the students needs. It doesnt make since to keep LOW populated schools open another year when they are going to have to probably close them anyway in another year. AND, getting rid of early childhood programs are STUPID! The children that attend these programs come from low income families and cant afford other preschool centers, therefore, these kiddos are starting their education at a major disadvantage. Sickening!!!!

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One arrested after shots fired at car


Have you ever smoked pot? Jafs has a great point. Back in the day, I was a faithful pot smoker and pot does have a sedative effect and make a person relax, unlike alcohol which can make a person want to be superman (and their really not). unless pot is laced with something, pot is waaaaay more safe to do than alcohol.

Just because this person had pot on him does not mean he shot the gun because he may have been high. He did it because thats his personality (for one reason or another).

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Monday’s weather-related cancellations

C'mon Lawrence!!!!

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U.S. Attorney's office charges Lawrence men with methamphetamine trafficking

totally agree with juststrugglin, not all those agents were out there just for Meth. There has to be more charges to follow.

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Police searching for armed robbery suspect


Wow! you are about as ignorant as they come! This has nothing to do with race. Plenty of white, native, mexicans and other races doing sh*t against the law. PURE IGNORANCE! On your part!!!!

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