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Brownback as U.S. attorney general?

Re: Palin for VP: Wouldn't Brownback be overqualified for AG? Aren't there any second year law students at Liberty or Regents that McCain would be more interested in?

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Leave the poor girl alone!

lay off her poor little daughter! this isn't news. obama not wearing a flag pin on his lapel, or how he terroristically fist-bumped his wife on stage, that's news you liberal drive-bys!and mrs. palin's values leave me in a state of wonder. who else would love her country so much that should would hit the road with mccain dispite having a young down's child at home, another son leaving for iraq in a week, and a teenage daughter that is having a baby in 4 monhts! she's a great american!!!! forget uncle sam, it's mother palin!

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KU instructor goes on O'Reilly to advocate for concealed weapons

"The National Rifle Association says that, "Guns don't kill people, uh, people do." But I think, I think the gun helps. You know? I think it helps. I just think just standing there going, "Bang!" That's not going to kill too many people, is it? You'd have to be really dodgy on the heart to have that."

-Eddie Izzard

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Striking gold?

topekan7 is RIGHT! (See Forrest Gump).

when Traffic beat out Brokeback, i swore never to watch them again...EVER!

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Obama: Borrowed lines in speech no big deal

it sounds outlandish, but it is possible to cite a source during a speech. look at romney. every single sentence he muttered in the last 2 months of his campaign ended in "...Reagan".

this is a welcome sign for obama supporters. if this is really the big bullet they have to use against the guy, then it's going to be pretty smooth sailing to the general election. scenebooster almost nailed it. but he was wrong about checking back in two weeks...i give it two days.

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Hit-and-run driver guilty of misdemeanors

*(sorry about spelling, typing in class, multi-tasking)

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Hit-and-run driver guilty of misdemeanors

also, ROBDEW, THANKS for coming on here and answering questions. anyone who gets their info from the LJWorld alone has no right accusing you or the defendant of anything. as someone who is close to graduating law school, i can assure you that what goes on in a court room, and the facts of any case, are never near what we see in the media or close to the ideas we get from Law and Order (which, sadley, is what gives a lot of people the idea that they understand the legal system).

also, much love and prayers to ryan's family. a lose like that never goes away and the pain they have felt is hard to even comprehend.

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Hit-and-run driver guilty of misdemeanors

please, please, please friends or family of ryan don't take this as anything but a question. i have lost a lot of people close to me and i know this might seem out of line, but for us to understand the whole story i have to ask (cause I have no idea), what do we know about the victim's BAL at the time of the incident? I'm asking b/c it was early in the morning, in the student ghetto. was he at a cross walk? all the info i've heard has been about the driver.

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Trial starts in hit-and-run death of KU student

like i said, been there, and branson is a great DA.

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Trial starts in hit-and-run death of KU student

so what was his B/AL? how much had he had to drink and where? you all seem so intent of giving this kid the chair, you must already know a lot more facts than the reporters or the jury?! the defense wouldn't be seeking a VH charge if there was proof he was drunk. they didn't even see this kid until the next day and his "freinds" are saying he was driving around drunk and refusing rides? i'm not saying he's innocent here, but you people are setting at home, making up your mind to send a kid to prison when you know NOTHING about the case. the fact that this guy turned himself in the next day (who does that?) makes me want to wait until the verdict is in before throwing stones. not saying we should go easy on drunk driving, NO WAY, but in this case, drunk is nothing but hearsay. let the facts get played out, and THEN throw the book if necessary. to the person who is friends with the deceased, i've been there, but pure emotion is not justice or vendication. let the courts do their job. branson is a good DA, and will be a great AG someday : ) let him do his job, or Mr. Bath do his. we're going to hear a lot about this case in the near future, let justice work it out.

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