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Kansas attorney general asks state Supreme Court to block same-sex marriage licenses after first wedding performed

Ugh..this has been settled. Time for angry people to move onto another group to deny civil rights to. The AG is wasting tax payers' money to serve the needs of ALEC.

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Challenged by the center, Brownback sticks to hard-right message

Hopefully Kansas will do the right thing and send this man to FOX News. The state is finally beginning to wake up.

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Quantrill's Raid commemoration continues with re-enactment in Lecompton

When people state the Civil War was really about state rights I just have a one word response to that - Kansas. It was all about slavery.

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Statehouse preview: revenue numbers; 'no guns' signs; teacher licensing

I needed a good laugh today and this article provided it. Thanks Kansas!

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Report: Effects of Kansas tax cuts 'understated'

Kansas at one time was a progressive state but is now led by sheep with flag lapel pins that pander to a vocal minority of voters who are scared of change. Supply side economics never worked.

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State Board of Ed approves regulations for hiring teachers with subject expertise but no education degree

Well could it be that supply side economics is making it hard to find educators in fields that are in demand right now? If that is the case then do what the private sector them more to get the people you need. If you pay qualified people what they require they will take the position.

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Kansas taxes fell $217M short in May

So this means that Supply Side economics does not work? You cut taxes and this will lead to growth? When will people stop buying this and seek a middle ground based on data and information.

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Kansas gives go-ahead again to new coal plant

Take that $2.8 billion and use it towards the advantage that Kansas has...wind and solar. To use coal to generate electricity is concentrating power generation in a centralized location. Why not make the power generation local and hire more people in the process. The majority of state power commissions are moving away from coal. Why is Kansas not using what it has so much of...wind and solar?

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Brownback signs school finance, tenure-repeal bill

How do states with tenure compare to states that do not? How many teachers have had their teaching licenses removed in the state? Could this then apply to other unionized positions in the state...lets say police/fire/medical personnel? What is the real motive for this action?

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Analysis: Brownback will sign schools bill, ending teacher tenure

A war on middle class wages and benefits. Just follow the money to see who is fighting teachers and unions.

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