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Brownback defends gun laws, says tax plan is working

What is not working are the voters of our state. Why do they continue to vote against their own best interest. The current regime does not meet the needs of families in our state. We get what we deserve.

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New Kansas revenue forecast expected to be more pessimistic

I wonder how deep of a hole the people of Kansas will dig for themselves with the Know Nothing Party before they realize they have been fooled. Kansas used to be a dynamic state, now it's just red.

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Brownback satisfaction rating at 18%; Democrats targeting Senate seats

So what is the Kansas Democratic Party doing to convince people to vote Democratic? Again the website for the Democrats just tells you what the Know Nothing Party does wrong instead of posting what ideas/proposals they have for middle class families. The people of this state will continue to vote against their own best interest until the party of blue gives them concrete reasons not to. Ugh......

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A Thousand Voices: Survey shows support for new retail center; split opinions about its effects

Old school design. Parking should be in the middle with retail along the perimeter. What is different with this shopping model? Is this a destination shopping experience or just another strip plaza with a 15 year profit model? What comparisons have been made with other cities our size and options that might present a dynamic option. We can do better than this.

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Brownback spokeswoman blasts Medicaid expansion

So....what are the citizens of Kansas going to do about this? I know....continue to not vote or vote against their own best interest. We get what we deserve.

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Lawmakers overseeing Kansas' Clean Power Plan would rather overturn rules

Fools. We live in one of the windiest states(#2). Why not keep it local and use what we have - wind. Wake up Kansas!

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Kansas Democrats expected to pick veteran activist as leader

Instead of focusing on what the Know Nothing Party does wrong why not concentrate on why someone earning $55,000 should vote Democratic. What does it mean to be a Democrat? What policies would support gains for the families of our state.

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Lawrence Planning Commission recommends approval of SLT shopping center

Looks like a design from 1985. Parking should be placed behind the stores. A more dynamic idea would be to have housing above the retail. What about storm water retention and use? A very dated proposal.

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Guns and liquor could be mixing at your local bar

If you own a gun you know that alcohol and guns don't mix well.

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Kansans bracing for battle over EPA's Clean Power Plan

Rocky Mountain Power will not fight this issue. Coal is many coal companies will declare bankruptcy this year? U.S. Department of Defense calls climate change a threat to our nation.

There are more jobs provided by solar than coal already in the U.S.

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