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Editorial: Too poor?

In regards to Skinny's comment, here's what I've tried telling/akding Obamacare naysayers for year. If you have an health insurance policy do you know how much of your own policy goes to prop up the uninsured? Just read the following at USA Today or google for other locations. So many naysayers continue to turn away from this information.

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Revenue Secretary Jordan says Brownback cares about the poor

Brownback's good, I have to admit. I wouldn't doubt he did on Mass Street what our Christian conservative governor did, when talking to the poor. Brownback can really hob-nob better'n most. I've interviewed him three times for Osawatomie newspapers (Graphic and Journal), and one of those times he and I got into a fascinating conversation about the Kansas Highway Byway Frontier Military Scenic Byway and Linn and Miami County history. Being a reporter, though, I was on my guard and sure enough he put his knowledge and his charm into overdrive. We both shared an interest and knowledge in Kansas history, particularly Eastern Kansas and so I had this moment to spend, listen, watch his eyes and listen to him up close. I continued to watch him work the room that evening. Like I said, the man's good. Oh and he listens. You ought to watch him listening, then asking questions, while taking folks in. Since then, he became governor, and I've listened to several people from Linn County apologize for having voted for him. They often start off by saying, "We didn't think he'd...but he went to Prairie View High School..." As for this article, look what the idea of compassionate conservatism has gotten us since the term was first coined.

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State agency refuses to answer questions from legislators about growing waiting lists

No, Brownback was the same before he was elected governor. As a Kansas teacher, I followed his early years as a legislator. Even then, he was out to get public education. He was then as he is now. All anyone had to do was read What's the Matter With Kansas by Thomas Frank, a former conservative Republican, who saw the light and saw what the likes of Brownback would mean to both the State of Kansas and to the US. The book details Brownback's early years. Too many people failed to do their homework. Even my own late mother, a lifelong Republican started voting for Democrats thanks to Jim Ryun, once a hero of hers. While she watched Brownback in Washington from her Topeka home, she wondered what had happened to her Republican Party.

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Meeting memories

Because Kansans vote for Republicans. It's easy. Just look for the R. Or ask which ones are the Republicans and vote. It's like your school team and loyalty. Don't ask questions. Just vote. Ask why they voted for so and so, and they will say, "Well, they're Republicans." But why? I get deer in the headlights stares...

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Yoder fares poorly in wealth ranking

I curious why the writer picked out the two Democrats with huge fortunes, 4th and 9th, and didn't mention the Republicans, who evidently are the wealthiest at numbers 1, 2, and 3?

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Clamor erupts over teen’s tweet about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

Actually, Governor Sam Brownback has already lost a lot of voters from his own home area in northern Linn County, many of them who voted for him because he was from Parker. Actually, I have heard many of the very same words this young lady used but used by residents of Linn County, southern Miami County, many of them who know the family or of the family and are registered Republicans. Governor Sam Brownback is not what they thought he would be people have told me and the word "embarrassed" is often sprinkled in those commentaries. Yes, this tweet thing adds to what Governor Sam Brownback started when he killed the Arts Commission and initiated policies that hurt and will continue to hurt Kansas public education. More people will or should start waking up to the Big Brother aspects of this governor.

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Colorado officials mystified by Brownback's letter on water deal

The point of the story simple. The mystification angle. Our governor continually acts without explanation, even going against his own party. Now, if he had offered some reasoning....

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Statehouse Live: KU gives state $4.5 million; state spends it on Capitol restoration

I know the Regents were talking about getting cozy with the Gov and the legislators. Is this an effort in that direction? Kissing up, I mean...

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Kansas Arts Commission supporters fear Brownback will veto funding

This is just another giveaway, so he and his minions can get the corporate tax break through. That and his shell game of switching funds to put money elsewhere. And Tennessee, taxpayers do have too much burden and Brownback's trying to add to the burden with his Houses' bill to lower the corporate tax rate, as well as tax rate of all Kansans. Now, does that make sense when Kansas can't pay the bills right now??? He should be going in the opposite direction by pushing up taxes on his rich buddies!!!

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