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City negotiating deal to lease part of Riverfront Plaza building

Very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

When I was on the USD 497 School Board back in the late 1990s, the City of Lawrence and the school district were partnering to purchase the then failing Riverfront Mall with the intention of consolidating all the city and school district’s widespread offices and outlying buildings, including the service center but excepting city hall, into one centrally located area to increase their efficiency of operations and better use taxpayers’ money.

We had made a bid on the mall and were waiting for a counter offer from the owner when we were told that the mall had been sold to a group of investors that included Dolph Simons and Doug Compton. We were not even given the chance to increase our bid. The mall was sold out from under us.

The school board then received a message from the new owners that they would be happy to lease a portion of the mall to the school district for $300,000 a year, which would have meant that in ten years time the school district would have very nearly paid off what the mall cost the new owners. The offer was declined.

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Black Jack Battlefield tours offered on Maple Leaf Festival weekend

This article is incorrect. There will not be any battlefield tours at the Black Jack Battlefield and Nature Park during this year's Maple Leaf Festival. This information is official.

The part will be open and available for self-guides tours and hiking as usual.

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Kansas Supreme Court Justice Nuss says court closings possible because of state budget

I am really getting tired of people commenting on things that they know nothing about. Just how do you make justice more efficient? Not bother with pesky things like getting your day in court or trial by jury?

The Douglas County District Court is working flat out to keep up with the volume of cases coming to it from law enforcement. Calling for it to to be more efficient is just rhetoric put out by those who have an ax to grind. Come work in the Court system for a while and we'll see how much more efficient you can make it. And by the way, they do take volunteers, if you really mean it.

And another thing, judges' salaries are not included in any cuts that the State makes to the courts. Their salaries are set by the legislature separately from anything else. They are paid whether or not the courts are open. The people that are hurt are your friends and neighbors who work hard at their jobs and care about the people they serve, and can't do their jobs if they are furloughed.

Access to justice is a fundamental right of all United States citizens, and a State government that is unwilling to fund it is failing in its duty to those citizens!

Talk is cheap! Justice is not!

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Lawrence doctor named top physician by Association of American Indian Physicians

Congratulations to Dee Ann!

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Editorial: Unsightly structure

Some cities actually plan for the aesthetics of parking garages, like the one next to the main branch of the Kansas City, Missouri, Public Library. You would think Lawrence could do something at least as good, but oh yeah, Lawrence is run by developers.

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City balks at plan to allow motorists to use credit cards for new downtown parking garage

It is very important for the city to assure that there is free parking in the garage for patrons of the library. This is not uncommon, evidenced by the fact that the parking garage next to the Main Branch of the Kansas City, Missouri, Public Library provides for free parking for library patrons. Library staff are allowed to validate patrons' parking tickets so they can exit the garage without paying a fee. In addition, there are spaces near the entrance of the garage that are specifically marked for use by Library patrons.

Apparently, Corliss was arguing that library patrons had to pay in the old lot, so they should have to pay in the new one. That is not completely accurate, as there were several free, non-handicap, short-term parking stalls near the south entrance of the Library. That was before the taxpayers voted to spend tens of millions of dollars to upgrade the Library and build the parking garage, so free parking for library patrons is even more important now.

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Televison history buffs dig Black Jack Battlefield

Yes and no. Doug Scott, renowned battlefield archeologist, did a two-part survey using metal detectors in 2006, in which they concentrated on the core area of the battlefield, which had been visited by metal detector enthusiasts in the 1970s, and the eastern approached to it. The Diggers crew were able to work farther west than Scott and his crew were to able to do in the time they had allotted for their survey.

There has never been an archeological dig there, in which a systematic excavation is conducted using marked-off grids.

And by the way, metal detecting is strictly forbidden on the site for anyone except those authorized by the Black Jack Battlefield Trust for archeological investigations. Anything else is looting, and will be prosecuted.

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Editorial: Weak defense

The right to vote is a precious thing that has been hard won over the years. How many men and women have given their lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness to ensure that the current generation can exercise that right? The Voting Rights Act was enacted in 1965 to remedy a hundred years of manipulation of power through the manipulation of who could and could not vote. The Supreme Court has reaffirmed the provisions of that Act, to continue to insure that those who suffered to give us that right did not do so in vain. For the Secretary of State to so blithely pass off the strong rebuke the Supreme Court gave to his ideas as expressed in the Arizona law, shows his supreme arrogance, and his total disconnect from what the right to vote really means in this country of ours.

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When furniture turned into art: Wendell Castle's KU connection

The correct name is Maryland Institute College of Art, MICA for short, not Maryland Institute of Art. My son graduated from there.

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