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State expects Common Core testing costs to be lower than national estimates

You will notice on the WestEd web site that they say they wrote the items, not the tests. Just like some companies build car parts and others put the parts together and build cars, until 2008 WestEd built the parts and CETE built the tests. Since 2008 CETE has also been responsible for writing new items which have been available for formative usage, replacement usage, and interim assessments. More recently CETE has been writing items aligned to the new Kansas College and Career standards to support testing in 2013-14.

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Breaking down the private funds that pay the KU chancellor's salary

As Oscar Wilde said, “What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing."

Reminds me a lot of this set of comments.

Also the comments remind me of an old joke. An old immigrant mother tells her very successful son, "If I were Rockerfeller I would be richer than Rockerfeller." The son says, "Mom, that's crazy, how would you be richer than Rockefeller?" The mom replied, "I'd take in a little laundry on the side."

The comment writers seem to have no idea of what it takes to run a major research university. We are one of 30 public universities allowed to be in the most prestigious set of 60 universities in the nation (AAU). You are shocked that the Chancellor's salary would place her 34 (actually lower for reasons described) out of 30.

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