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How do you think the city of Lawrence handled the snowstorm?

My mother is 86 years-old. She paid some kid to shovel her driveway and her walk Then, the city blocks her in again with their man-made mountain of ice in front of her drive. She calls me and asks if it is OK to drive over it. I was screaming at her, "NO, IT'S NOT OK" cause she can't afford hearing aids that she needs...and I probably go a bad connection here in Hawaii, where I like to spend the off-season. She also can't afford a new muffler if she rips that off on the ice mountain. What's up with this unnecessary craziness? My mom is on a pretty tight budget and can't afford these extra bills. It's a sad day when she has to choose between food on the table and paying to clean up the city's mess.

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Do you think cyberbullying is an issue?

Not for me obviously. Of course, when you're at the top, nobody can mess with you.
Are we talking about what the US & Israel do to Iran?

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If you had to dress up as someone famous, who would it be and why?

I know a bunch of you are going to say, "Kenny Powers." I'm flattered, But, I can see why; I brought baseball back to what it is today. Everybody wants to be me. Let me tell you what, if you want to be me, do some push-ups...about a million of them.

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What keeps you feeling young?

Every day, I get up and look in the mirror and I am so impressed with what I see. Not as impressed as everybody else when they look at my magnificence, but pretty darn impressed..
Just knowing that I am the high bar that everyone, older, everybody aspires to be. Being Kenny Powers, that is what keeps me feeling young.

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City agrees to rename street for Fambrough

What was it that Fambrough did that was so great?

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What do you think schools can do to help prevent bullying?

You know, there's only so much room at the top; there can only be so many superstars. I try to look out for the regular people, the people that have no chance of being where I am, even if they use steroids, they will never be me, Kenny Powers...superstar.

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Will you carve a pumpkin for Halloween?

Ah yes, I remember when I was five months old and mom let me carve the pumpkin. I'd waited my whole life...

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