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Lawrence elementary school task force mulls all-day kindergarten

I love the all day kindergarten thing. My child is in all day kindergarten at kennedy. my thought on the all day kindergarten that is a good idea because most childen already go to preschool all day so why not keep them learning in kindergarten and have them go all day. it does help to have them learn and be ready for what they are going to learn in years to come.

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Wrong way driver killed, at least one other person injured, in accident on K-10 between Eudora, De Soto Monday night

Closing K-10 really is not a choice. there are so many people that drive down K-10 that taking 70 would just be out of the way to drive. and really there is a lot of accidents on any highway or road we just here about the ones that are bad.

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Police respond to double shooting in south Lawrence

as for whoever said that with your child being on life support why are you not at the hospital with him?
when your child is in the hospital you still have time to get on and post things about what is going on. there is not a whole lot the mothers of the boys can be doing other then sitting there and yeah it does get old. so really the mother could be at the hospital with him and she could still be able to read and have the time to post on here. Im sure the mother has other responsibilities in her life and would rather sit by their side at all times but when you have a job and other children you have to find time for everyone.

As for feeling sorry for the families I do. Really i feel sorry for both parties that were involved in this. No the person that did the shooting should not have shot that many times. but as for the people that got shot they should not have done what they did in the first place. Reguardless of the situation there are better ways to resolve issues that do not involve violence.

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Police respond to double shooting in south Lawrence

has anyone heard how the "perps" are doing? What about the home owner? how is he/ she taking the fact that there was two perps shoot in their yard.

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Police respond to double shooting in south Lawrence

For the residents that live in easy living mobile home park the reason that you didnt hear seirns is because once a rescure vechile enters in to the park they are to shut off them. As for why they have to be shut off i am not sure. I live in the park and really i wish that i would have heard them because that was just too close to home.

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Police surround south Lawrence mobile home


as for what happend the night of the 24th really it is none of your business.

The comment that ashmcglinn made it really was on my behalf. I was one of them left out in the rain while the standoff was going on. As well as my children were at a home that is right across the street from the house that the standoff was at. and really i live amost right across the street from the house the standoff was at.

As for not being allowed in to our homes yes we were not allowed in the house till the police were able to get in contact with the person the standoff was for.

Being that the person the standoff was for has not harm anyone the whole thing was uncalled for.

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Lawrence's newest Wal-Mart opens to public

As for the complaning about the new walmart. really grow up the new walmart will be great for all. it will be great for those that live on the west side and those that live on the south side as well. It will help the southside by reducing all the traffic that is headed to walmart. BUt most of all it will be helping the city with the taxes and all the new business that it will bring in.

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Crying ‘wolf’

And what would you being saying if the siren didn't go off and there was a torando.

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Abuse report spurs day-care shutdown

all that i can say to this is that i child was abused and that until there is a convection then everyone needs to keep their communts to them self. NO i do not know the women that is being accused but, I can say that i was in an inhome daycares and daycare centers as a child. i didnt like either of the places i went to. i can also say that when i was in the care of a person at an inhome day care a swing set fell on me. But my mother did nothing about it because it was an accident.

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Office fire ruled to be intentional

I would have to agree with the whole thing of blocking off redbud lane. and to the question on the Intentionally setting of a fire yes it is arson. But why they won't just come out and say that it was arson is stupid. I also know the owner of the office that caught on fire and they are thinking that it was someone that was pissed off at him due to either being evicted from some property that he owned or the person was mad beacuse they would not except him to rent from them for some reason or another.

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