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Father of slain toddler grieves in Missouri jail

To clarify- this post is in response to "sunshine_noise" I have no issue with this article or how it was presented in the least.

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Father of slain toddler grieves in Missouri jail

I find it completely reprehensible that you would have the audacity to cast aspersions on people you know nothing about. Kaylie was a phenomenal human being. She was leaving Shawn because he couldn't seem to tear himself away from the only kind of life he had known up until he met her. He's been through a lot of bad circumstances and made a lot of bad choices. He is NOT, however, a bad person. Kaylie was not irresponsible - she made sure that all of Lana's needs were met, she had a full-time job and an amazing support system of friends and family when it became clear that Shawn was unable to make certain changes at that point in his life. She was young, but not immature. She loved Lana more than life itself and made some difficult decisions when it came down to what she thought was best for her. Only God can judge, and you are not God. You have no right to demonize people when you don't know their circumstances in life or what led them to where they are. Shame on you.

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