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Debate on tax cuts, spending intensifying

Has Governor Sam Brownbackwards and his radical right wing supporters in the legislature lost their minds?! Do they sincerely believe that eliminating the state income tax during these hard economic times will somehow lead Kansas to prosperity?! With support from the Koch Brothers funded ALEC and outside the state billionaires, obviously the answer is YES. This is voodoo economics at its WORST and will lead our fair state down an unpaved and rocky road to RUIN! Imagine Kansas 10 years from now if this comes to fruition; a Kansas with horrible public schools & state universities, little or no state support for the developementally disabled, arts & culture, tourism, and a hundred other important programs. It will be a Kansas few will want to live in and a major laughing stock of the country. A Kansas that has been destroyed by politicians who do NOT serve the people, but serves corporate and billionaires' interests.

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Statehouse Live: Education supporters decry funding cuts to public schools

Don't criticize the LEADER! The LEADER knows whats best for Kansas. NOT!

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Are you planning to attend any major concerts this year?

Just saw Peter Gabriel at Starlight this weekend and it was a fantastic show. There is not a bad seat at Starlight and it's a venue that I've seen a lot of great music over the years.

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Emails show Palin as engaged, driven

Yes, Sarah Palin was driven and focused ON HER OWN CAREER & POCKETBOOK! Check some of her emails out and see why she only served half a term as Alaska's governor. Palin did have some right-wing social causes she was interested in on behalf of Alaskans and she was focused on revenge to silence her enemies. Palin is another self-centered politician who would make for another disaster in the White House.

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Statehouse Live: Three Republicans propose more cuts to schools

I blame the Republicans in this state! They control all houses of the legislature, all statewide offices, and all federal offices, too. They have spent precious little time on jobs and the economy and more effort on their pet conservative social issues.

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Statehouse Live: Three Republicans propose more cuts to schools

Of course, these conservative Republicans have an agenda and that is to destroy public education and the teachers' union all in one fail swoop. It is socialism in their limited and ignorant world view. They would much rather have a voucher program so state money could be used for private religious schools and home schooling. Their corporate masters, the KOCH BROTHERS of Wichita, have sent out the marching orders...CUT TAXES FOR THE RICH AND CORPORATIONS while balancing the state budget ON THE BACKS OF CHILDREN, THE DISABLED, AND THE POOR! This is compassionate conservatism at its best, folks!

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Adviser: Bachmann likely to enter race

It would be very entertaining to watch the leader of the loony right-wing of the GOP, Rep. Michelle Bachman, running for the Republican nomination. She makes Sarah Palin looked informed on the issues!

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Statehouse Live: Groups deliver petitions calling for Peck's resignation

Rep. Virgil Peck has made a mockery out of the state of Kansas, just like the Westboro Baptist Church does every time they show up for a funeral. Mr. Peck needs to find another line of work where his racist and ignorant remarks don't have the potential to hurt so many people!

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U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts criticizes Obama, Clinton during Lawrence visit

Senator Roberts certainly did get 60% of the vote last time he ran for reelection. It only shows how out of touch the majority of Kansans are after Roberts' moronic bumbling of his responsibility as chairman of the Intelligence Committee, while the GOP controlled the Senate during Dubya's reign. But I must admit, the Kansas Democrats did not run a very viable in opposition of Roberts, either.

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Statehouse Live: Senate committee approves bill blasted by unions

This bill is another example of anti-democratic and anti-Democratic wave of legislation produced by the right-wing of the Republican party in this nation. Even though the GOP controlls all state and Federal offices in the state of Kansas, this is NOT enough for them! They want to insure their rule by any means necessary, including sticking it to the working class by attacking unions and making it harder to excercise the right to vote. The GOP obviously stands for "GREED OVER PEOPLE." They should be ashamed of themselves!

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