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Once popular restaurant chain closes west Lawrence location; more reasons to keep an eye on Lawrence's Kmart distribution center

If Old Chicago were to return to Lawrence, that former Applebee's would be a good location for it. Just a thought...

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JCPenney announces closure of Lawrence store, several others in Kansas

Well, with the current JCPenney site soon to be available, maybe some of the retailers which considered the proposed K-Ten Crossing may find this a good alternative location. Academy Sports & Outdoors, Old Navy, and Books-a-Million would especially be a good fit here. Just a thought...

Furthermore, in regards to the former Hastings space, maybe this could be remodeled and redeveloped into an indoor roller skating rink. Sure, this isn't retail by a long shot, but as far as recreation goes, you really could use something like this in Lawrence.

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Updates on a pair of high-profile demolitions in town; longtime restaurant on Iowa Street closes

As far as buffets go, what you could really use in Lawrence is a Golden Corral. Currently you have to go to Topeka for this (the Golden Corral on Southwest Wanamaker Road), but there is still no reason why Lawrence couldn't support it. With Lawrence being the type of community and market that it is, Golden Corral would surely do excellent business in your city. It especially has far better food and much wider variety than Sirloin Stockade, Montana Mike's, and Coyote Canyon.

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Lawrence finishes year with best sales tax growth in the state; do we have Menards to thank?

Regarding the list of per capita numbers given here, and what you said about Lawrence being on the bottom half of said list...maybe if the city had allowed the development of the K-Ten Crossing shopping center at Iowa Street and K-10/South Lawrence Trafficway, the presence of this would have improved Lawrence's per capita, as it would have indeed provided more retail (and perhaps restaurant) options. The city really screwed up by rejecting this development; Academy Sports & Outdoors, HomeGoods, and Off Broadway Shoes all showed interest in locating there, and even Old Navy (which previously closed in 2012 after having been at 33rd and Iowa streets) even was interested. With Hastings gone, K-Ten Crossing would have also given a bookseller (e.g., Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million) ample opportunity to locate in Lawrence. Just something to think about here, but really, Lawrence, there is no excuse for you to not have approved the development of K-Ten Crossing. Your community has great potential, so you really ought to reconsider.

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Kansas City water park to demolish slide on which boy was killed

That Verrückt slide should've never been built to begin with. It was a mere death trap, a disaster waiting to happen. It is good that Schlitterbahn staff have finally come to their senses and are tearing it down, but it's also pathetic that they had to wait for this type of incident to occur before taking any such action.

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City hopes new activities will fix sharp decline of skating rink visitors

How about an indoor ice skating rink? That way not only will you have real ice, but said ice will last far longer, throughout the fall and winter months. I believe there is such a facility in Manhattan, and up here in Saint Joseph we have an indoor ice rink which does excellent business, with public skating, hockey games, and figure skating events happening on many an occasion year after year. Surely there would be plentiful demand for this type of amenity in Lawrence. An outdoor rink with artificial ice is not going to last.

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Lawrence movie theater to undergo million dollar-plus renovation; update on plans for large music venue in North Lawrence

Glad your Southwind movie theater will finally be renovated/updated. I've never been there, but from all the reviews I've read about it, it seems to be stuck in the 1990's.

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3.6 earthquake recorded in south-central Kansas

Yet another earthquake in south-central Kansas. What's new these days? And just what can we blame for this? FRACKING!

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Old Navy, Academy Sports, others announced as likely tenants for south of SLT retail project; Walmart Express taps Baldwin

I'm glad Old Navy is looking at returning to Lawrence. And yes, Old Chicago should also return to town. Plus, if possible...bring in Barnes & Noble.

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Carlos O'Kelly's closes Lawrence location; city set to put more bite into weed ordinance

No loss here in Saint Joseph either...

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