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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I am willing to bet this change has more to do with revenue than civility. Facebook sells information about its users. Since what people read and post is more information, Facebook is likely paying LJW to connect the accounts and then adding gathered information to its own data base. Just like Google is doing.

I have a Facebook account. However, I have never allowed any other account to link to it, including games. Facebook does not verify any personal information when opening an account.

I wonder how long before someone creates a fake account using Dolf's name?

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City proposing $30 increase in speeding fine

So we are going to raise fines to be in line with other communities. Suppose we consider that our fines are already too expensive once the higher cost of living in our community is considered along with our lower average salary. Seems to me we already have the highest ticket cost to affordability ratio in the state.

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Menards files plans to add another 8 acres to development near 31st and Iowa

We used to have a Dicks and it is long gone. They were no competition to Sunflower's quality and service.

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Renowned sculptor Jim Brothers dies

Jim, you did so much to make living in Lawrence a true treat. I appreciated your presence and friendship more than words can say. Thank you. .

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Editorial: A fresh start

This was a nice editorial, literally refreshing and positive. I quite agree. It is almost like a second spring in Lawrence and this year especially so with the cool weather.

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Former KU CLAS dean Wilcox chosen to lead University of California Riverside

Congrats Kim. I was suprised you did not get the head job at KU the last time it was open. Somebody was not paying attention around here. Hope you and Diane are doing well. Enjoy California.
Take care, Ron

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No regrets for KU researcher after injuries prevent trip to Sweden to receive honor

Bing is starting to look pretty good.

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Teller's restaurant to change name and concept to Merchants Pub & Plate

Never change a name that is established and respected. Unless this place is seriously better than FreeState Brewery, which is next to impossible, it will probably not make it.

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Lawrence cyclist seriously injured in collision with vehicle

Does anyone know at which hospital Randy is being treated? He is my son's instructor at LGA and he will want to visit if possible.

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Lawrence cyclist seriously injured in collision with vehicle

Maybe, but it is still safer than riding on a sidewalk.

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