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Amyx asks City Commission to weigh recreation center against other city priorities, projects

We don't need a new recreation center. We need to vote on it. I don't think that the voting is fair. I know a lot of people did not want the city bus thing and it made it through the vote. I think what every the city wants the city push it through. even if the vote was not approved the city said it was. We would never know for sure.

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Citywide election on proposed $25 million recreation center not likely

You want to do something like this. And you can't give the employees a raise because you don't have the money. That is crazy, they work hard and you only want to give them 1%. BUT you throw money out the window all the time. But employees don't count that is bs.

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Homeless shelter sets groundbreaking

This is all a joke . How and who is going to pay for there way to this place. It is just a money pit for all the people who live in lawrence. It will never end they will want money for this and that. It needs a way to help them to get a job or teach them work ethic . Bad bad Ideal.

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Solid Waste Task Force calls for required trash carts

Everyone is complaining about trash. Why don't you look at your bill the sewer is the most coast to you it has went up and no one is talking about it. And you pay for the rain water that is running off your land in to the street.

October 27, 2011 at 10:40 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Outsource trash

WHY don't you look at the people that will lose there jobs. If you change who are you going to call and complain to if your trash don't get picked up. If you thank diffrent company is going to come back and get it you are funny. The guys that is doing the trash are doing a great job. You get someone else and this town is going to look like s--t becouse they will not care. Come on people.

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Finances look worse for Medicare, Social Security

If someone would get all the young people off welfare, tell them they had to get a job it would help a lot. It is not the old draining the Medicare and Social Security is all the welfare taken out of Social Security. It is NOT THE BABY BOOMERS! It is the young that is lazy and don't want to work.

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Natural Grocers to open in Lawrence on 23rd Street and Naismith Drive

If burger king don't start getting the food hot at lunch then they should keep the doors close. The burger king in north Lawrence is BAD you can never find anyone in side the store, all the workers are out back of the store smoking.

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Solid Waste Task Force to discuss city's trash, recycling operations

If you need to save money why not leave soild waste the way it is going it is doing a very good job, you want to here the task force to say that it needs fix. You all are never satisfied with things that don't to be fixed you try and fix it. If your car is running good you don't fix it do you.

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Infrastructure, transit sales taxes approved in 2008 meeting Lawrence leaders' expectations

What ever happened to doing work on the streets in NORTH LAWRENCE. From 3rd to 4th street is bad a lot of pot holes it was going to be fixed but has never happen. We are part of the city , you have forgot us. What a laugh you don't even think of us.

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Lawrence city commissioners set one-year deadline for trash task force to make recommendations

Well just as I have said before The guys now do one HELL of a job that no one else would do it. These guys do a great job and you want to put them out of work.

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