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Heat doesn't squelch Party in the Park

It amazes me that some people would complain such a great event. What else is there to do in Lawrence? If there is something better to do then go do that and let the rest of us have our fun. A lot of people gave up their holiday to work in the heat from noon until well past 10 to do their best to provide food and entertainment. The unfortunate truth is that if you throw a party and invite a few thousand people there will surely be a few losers that will upset the entire event didn't cater to them.

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Did Xavier Henry make the right decision by declaring for the 2010 NBA Draft?

He should go, absolutely positively. What is he going to do? Come back average another rebound a game, maybe another point and a half to his game? His stock was higher coming out of High School and it will only continue to go down because he isn't going to show the type of improvement to his sophomore year like Cole did.

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KC Wizards Web site says team will be moving to Kansas

Good for KCK

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Check, please! Negotiating restaurant traffic a delicate art

I can't stand having a server ask if I would like dessert while I am still eating and if I say no immediately set the check on the table.

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PB&J in the U.S.A.

That didn't work but I assume you were referring to this one...

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PB&J in the U.S.A.

Really.......?Peanut butter was the secret behind Mr. Ed’s ability to “talk” as a horse.

So if peanut butter can make a horse talk why don't we feed peanut butter to all horses that would make the Kentucky Derby so much more interesting. No longer would we have to listen to those short guys act like they did something special and we can hear from the real hero's.

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What is your favorite Michael Jackson album?

Is there a reason "Off the Wall" isn't on the list?

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If you lost your job would you post that news on your Facebook page?

I feel like "Don't use Facebook" should be an option too.

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Club Axis owner: Bar is being wrongly targeted

I must apologize, I said "dive" and I have never entered the Club Axis so I can't really say what kind of establishment it is. I am just frustrated with the recent acts of violence throughout the city and not Club Axis. I hope the city realizes the problem is bigger than one bar/club and that this has been a problem at several places recently.

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