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Perkins upset about fights

Coming from someone who I believe and was there when the first altercation took place, here is what went down and why. I have no reason to make this up and frankly dont care I am not even a KU fan or hater. Starting cornerback for KU, I believe it was Anthony Davis was in one of the school halls, and was sitting down. He was rumored to have slept with Tyshawns girlfriend. So a few KU hoops players were walking by and kicked his bag and then he stood up and then punches started getting thrown. A few other football players saw it, and ran over and then the fight was basically over. Also heard that Sheron Collins was there and he ran back to Allen Fieldhouse for security. There have been a total of 3 fights that I know of. That is the facts, no reason to lie, dont really care.

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Perkins calls meeting with KU football, basketball players; statement issued

Lou is doing what he can.

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Afghanistan issues won’t wait for long


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Fracas sends KU guard Tyshawn Taylor to hospital


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Maybe later.

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Its a secret.

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But I am not sharing it.

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