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Letter: Fear sells guns

The 2nd amendment's exisitance is to deal with the potential of a government to oppress the citizenry. our country is only 237 years old, give or take. We are infants, and a bit naive to feel it "can't happen here". Hitler, Stalin, Mbarek, Ghadaffi, Assad, The Shah, etc all banned guns. Ironic, as the US military is engaged in 50+ countries in the world, that we have had to, and continue to, try to drop weapons to populations trying to rebel and defend themselves against their governments. No one agree's with the killing of small children or that hunters need assault rifles to kill a deer. All smokescreens, in my opinion. But the US hasn't been invaded and our citizenry being armed will always have something to do with that. Notice our "Gun safety" regime has sent 20 f-16's and Abrams tanks to the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt. Guns to Mexico, etc. Ask why we're always sending troops qnd guns to foreign lands?. WE are their guns. It's a fundimental belief that, in essence, defends us from the government taking the other rights of Freedom of religion, free speech, etc. Background checks? Fine. Register what we have, where we keep it, allow fines for failure to tell the government? Would that arguement make sense in these other countries? No. Those people, in retrospect, will have been idiots to do so. As is anyone that thinks "it can't happen here". The reason it can't happen is we have the guns now. Let these things happen, and it makes it more likely that it can happen here.

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Lawrence man, 18, given probation term for sexual encounter with 14-year-old girl

Wow. Seriously? A senior or Junior combing the Jr High for a girl to have sex with? He drove to the Jr High last May, parked on a side street just off school grounds and did it in the car. I'm trying to get to the "relatively innocent" part and where I'm naive? Cake_Boss, back your buddy, I get it. All around great guy. But if you are combing the jr high for a girl, you are lame, sick, pathetic at 17/18 years old. It sure isn't for love interest. Momofk, This isn't the 21 and 16 rare love story that worked out. At 16 you were likely considered a big deal to be with the older man. When I was in college, if a jr/sr in College was going home to see his sophomore in high school girlfriend he was not normal. Glad it worked, not trying to insult you. Clearly you waited 5 years to get married, were 21 before you got married, hopefully finished college, etc. But c'mon. the 21 year old that needs to go back to high school for a date is an exception and usually does not work out as your situation did and having to go to a sophomore is even worse. Still, agree not unheard of and not necessarily a perversion of things. But using your age differential is to say it's ok for the college sophomore at 19 to date the 13 yr old 7th/8th grader. I don't care if there are "fast" 14 year olds nor will I debate the laws other than to say I agree a 14 yr old needs protection from predatory 18 year olds. If you want to argue age 16 doesn't need it. That's not this discussion anyway. Do you think a 14 yr old needs it? Absolutely, the brain of the average 18 yr old male is covered by a zipper. Pywacket, I agree that there are young "ladies" giving it away, having sex parties, shaving their bodies everywhere, dressing provocatively, sexting, talking the talk, etc. There are parents ok with it and while I don't agree, If that's how they choose to parent.. Their right. But 18 yr olds do not belong around the jr high's trying to find one. There's plenty at the high school level it would seem. If a boy can't get what he wants at high school level, I don't think it's ok to go to the Jr High to placate their Hot to Trot". The courts acted accordingly. Not saying he got off at all. However, he didn't get a bad deal as the one person that was singled out for what they all were doing. Holzworth....Comparing the morality of Middle Eastern cultures to ours? In that case, the women are cattle and have no opinion anyway, right? Feel free to go there if you feel their morals and ethics are more to your liking. But be careful about sharing your opinion so freely on things when you get there. Your ignorance or agenda may get you killed over there.

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Lawrence man, 18, given probation term for sexual encounter with 14-year-old girl

The girl was 8th grade. Boy went to the jr high way across town and did things just off school property in a car on a side street. He knew she was an 8th grader. Go ahead and rationalize it how you want to but it seems like the actions of a preditor. Not the first time combing the jr high for girls either. Both kids have likely issue's to address and both will be carrying it with them, but I am amazed that people think 17 to 13 or 18 to 14 is so easily explained away. Girl ruined his life? Honestly, who is more likely to be scarred for life here? Just proves to me that this fell short somewhere. 8th grade 13/14 (when happened vs now) are not prepared and this kid knew full well what her age was. Now you can insert your ridiculous "old enough to bleed, old enough to breed" comments.

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East Lawrence Farm and Home store to host pet food drive for Lawrence Humane Society

I've been told on pretty good authority that the Humane Society gets their food on a grant from the Science Diet folks and they are very appreciative of the relationship and do not want to risk offending them. That said, they absolutely want to continue their mission and assist animals and their owners so it is not inconsistant for them to pass along other foods donated to people that are in need of some assistance to provide for their animals in these economic times and all gifts are absolutely appreciated. No one should feel their gifts will not go to their intended targets. Aiding and providing to the care of animals that otherwise would be lacking food and shelter. I have donated Kibbles and Bits, ironically, that I'd bought from a silent auction from another Lawrence Charitible group. It's been well rec'd and just as deductible. I think dry food keeps better and Food for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs is a great idea!

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Hospice center proposal presented to county

My mother passed at the hospice house in Omaha January 16, 2006. I could not quit work to be with her, was an only child, and VNA cannot provide full time 24 hr care, only a daily visit. My mom's house had the bedrooms upstairs, kitchen on main, laundry down, etc. She was losing her bodily functions, Due to medicaid restrictions (A state program, not federal), we could not move her to Kansas as it would require 60 day wait, etc.. It was a very difficult decision to move her to the hospice house, but it eventually became obvious that she couldn't be alone and I wasn't able to meet all of her needs. The Hospice people were outstanding. The house was a blessing. They offered company, visitations, religeous services, people brought animals for visits. It allowed her to maintain dignity and her own room, not a nursing home, not a hospital. My mom's cancer was sudden, and swift. She was gone within 2 mo's of entering the house and had a hard time accepting it. You are not allowed to be in hospice care until you have accepted that you will no longer medically try to overcome the disease. It's for pain management and comfort. They worked with her, gave her information to help her cope, and what to expect. When she was near her time, I was struggling with it all. Mom was saying odd things, deteriorating. They helped me with advice, counselling, and followed up for a year afterwards. Anyone touched by cancer or anyone that has been to a hospice house would not oppose the creation of such a place. Oh, and we paid a "rent" each month. Medicaid set the max amt she had to pay as she was with limited resources. Others would pay similar to that of a nursing home amount I think. Without the availablity of the Hospice house, I have no idea what we would have done.

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Why Obama Will Never Win

Hillary (Call me President Rodham) will not carry the south. She left skid marks in Arkansas when she ran to New York and put on the Yankee's hat. She had not gone back to visit and is not well thought of. Bill was a Bubba. He carried the south. The last election.. No way the yuppie, John Kerry would carry the south. (Yes, there was an actual candidate's name for the Dems last election. Although he was better known as "Against Bush") The more Obama looks able to actually win, the more women and black vote will swing his direction. Hillary is losing her base, and has some serious issues. She'd better try kissing up to Edwards fast, as Edwards is the only person that may be able to carry the south from Obama. That will be the swing, Edwards 15-20% and who it goes to.

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Boy looks to score an ice rink

I've been on a city council before and here's a way it could be funded. If the city manager is any kind of grant writer, he should be able to structure a facitliy in a proposal or make it an "area of interest" where the Federal Gov't funds 50-75% of the project, and the city's 25% is done with "like-kind" services. (Like-kind services would be using city employees, equipment, land for our share). Such a program is what paid to pave all of the area's that have a seemingly inexplicable bike path across busy area's. The fed gave 75% of the money to fund a bike path. The city then ran the proposed path over area's in need of re-paving, bridgework, etc. We didn't need a multi million bike path, we did need many area's fixed or paved. There's money there, and don't kid yourself, if we don't go get it, it's not saved. Another city will just go get it.
Also, I met the mother of this boy, and the interest is genuine, not to somehow fund a project for the dad's job. Get past the "who" and look at the "what and why". It's a nice idea and would be a good addition. Surprised it wasn't done with the aqautic center. Course, then again.. Why aren't we looking at digging a hole and flooding it for the kids? The hockey team at KU can fend for themselves.

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Cheney: 'We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon'

We have bungled the region since end of WWII. You may recall Carter railing on the Shah and his "Death Squads"., then we flipped and said we'd support the Shah to the last once he learned that the Iyatollah's and Mullah's would not thank us, but rather, turn on us. Alas, too late. W. Made the same mistake in Iraq. We also attempted to overthrow Saddam in a poor version of the "bay of pigs" disaster by George Sr arming the Kurds to overthrow him. This alarmed the Turks, who do not want a Kurdish state, nor did they want the Kurds armed. On cloudy days, the Turks have been bombing the Kurds ever since we established the Iraqi "no fly zone" in the north. We've looked the other way. The Kurds had sided with Iran in the Iran/Iraq war. Their punishment was the gassing of tens of thousands with the WMD that we all are now trying to act as though were never there. I guess that gassing is as "mystical" as the concentration camps Xyclon B. Then add the nutball in Iran now saying the gassing of Jews were a zionist lie and swore to eradicate Israel. Please note that Iranians were on the side of the Germans in WWII. The Shah had patterned his death squads after the SS and this guy's rhetoric should scare everyone. The US troops are there to attempt to create a democracy in the country that was the least of the evils and we had thought would be most likely to respond positively to our "intervention". Saddam was not liked, he was feared by other countries. He'd just kicked Iran's tail. No one minded us overthrowing Saddam. Now they see opportunity to exploit the situation.
The US is not reliant on gulf oil. We get about 6% from there. The French and German's get over 30% from there, hence their circumventing of the original sanctions. We are there with troops on the ground because it is in our interest to do so. There is little complaining as we are also securing European interests. If we leave now, We would not be able to get back in.

Saddam would've swallowed Kuwait, UAE, OMAN and all others as Iraq needed the sea ports, but he was not a threat to us. He was a threat to the stability in the region. We set him up, and used it as an excuse to get in there. It may not be popular, but neither was entering WWII. Keep looking the other way, keep practicing "peace in our time". We've seen where that got us before. You also might actually educate yourself on the issue's as this issue is NOT W's, or George Sr's. We've screwed this up for 40+ years, and now, we're out of time. This generation of Muslim's has reason's for feeling betrayed and anxious over the US actions. For them to have the bomb? Give you a hint, what would they have done if they had it 40 years ago? Bombed Israel. What has really changed in that time? They are 40 years closer and only 10 years away.

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Husker faithful unhappy

"Well, we didn't block, but we made up for it by not tackling" (John McKay). Terrible. Nebraska can't run block. They have no speed and they can't tackle. Otherwise.. Looks pretty good.

They can't recruit talent because they are no longer distinctive and are trying to be like everyone else's "west coast" or "pro style" offense. They used to get lineman, rb's and linebackers as they had a unique niche and a tremendous national tv following for those kids to showcase and hopefully get to the NFL. The Husker fans got greedy and pushed to "upgrade" the offense without realizing that we can't recruit speed and tall receivers to Lincoln, NE over USC, FLA, Texas, etc.
It finally happened. Every school goes through it. OU went through it after Switzer with Gibbs and Blake. Florida State, Miami and Michigan are going through it. Florida went through it post Spurrior and USC had been going through it in the 90's. Alabama, Penn St, Ohio State. It's hard to stay on the top for 30+ years.Tip the hat to NU for a great run and 3 national titles in 5 years. It appears that Callahan is trying to turn NU into a mediocre dink and dunk team that can't seem to run the ball and that Nebraska extended Callahan a few weeks ago is just sad.
With the facillities and budget, however, I don't think it will be too long on the bottom. I understand the urge for a "west coast offense", unfortunately, it seems to come with a "west coast" defense as well. What kind of defensive scheme leaves the run up the middle open all the time? Does Nebraska even have a middle linebacker and safety?

Bring back the walk on program that was full of Midwest kids that had some pride and heart. Even a step slower, they didn't fold like these big recruits from California do. Before we lose them all to KU, KSU and MU as has been happening.

Solich did need to go, however. He went 9-3 with what was left of what Tom Osborne had left him. Frankie hadn't landed any kind of recruiting class and the cupboard was bare and the future looked really scary. Letting Turner Gill go after promising him the job, only to change AD's, etc. And please recall that Callahan was not even one of the first three choices. They fired Solich and strung the interim coach along, then let him go waaay late and the recruiting season was basically over when Callahan was decided upon. The AD bungled it. And it was a year too late. As Notre Dame found out... People were not lining up for the job as the fans thought would happen.

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Secrecy can't hide Cheney power grab

Hmmm. Refusing to turn over records and tapes to a congressional committee.. I'll confess to being a moderately conservative republican. Most know that already. However, I am not comfortable with Cheney's assertions and would agree that he's overstepped his powers. It is ironic and I keep looking for Woodward & Bernstein to keep digging. As with Nixon, the decision to dig in as opposed to opening up, admitting what was done, could result in damage to the country and the party. What's REALLY scary to me is the thought of both being impeached and putting "Damascus Nancy" in the chair. Could be a Carter-esque economic and international disaster if that happened, in my opinion. Sigh... At least the conversation will at least restore the original context around what "deep throat" was versus Willy-Jeff's "application" with the intern.

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