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City: Toilets around stadium need regulation

"In my opinion, the more restrictions the better,” Commissioner Mike Dever said.

This is a very troubling statement. I've never found this to be the case for anything, let alone this issue.

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Big 12 football over/under predictions: Answer to win KUsports.com prizes

1. Under
2. Over
3. Over
4. Over
5. Over
6. Under
7. Over
8. Over
9. Under
10. Over
Tie Breaker: 392 yds

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Recap: Despite rebounding woes, KU bests A&M


I don't find that alarming at all because:

A) That's very infrequently the case
B) KU won the game

Sherron has to play better but history shows us that he will.

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And the Oscar nomination goes to... everyone

For full disclosure I have not seen An Education or Precious. Having seen the others and other films not listed, The Blind Side should be nowhere near any list of "best pictures". I liked Fantastic Mr. Fox better than Up, but both are deserving. Where The Wild Things are was the biggest snub. No nominations and it was the best film I saw all year.

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Sebelius on Leno

she was way better there than on the Daily Show awhile back

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Kansas senators say detainees won't be coming to Fort Leavenworth


I assume that was meant to be funny because I laughed out loud. You never know where sarcasm starts on these boards though.

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Jenkins denies speaking in racial terms when making 'great white hope' comment

I know Lynn and she's no racist and no idiot. She clearly made a mistake here (not knowing the origins of the term) and botched the apology. I know none of you that judged her here already care much about that so I thought I'd address something else.

Those of you calling Lynn Right-wing and party line republican have no earthly idea what you're talking about. If the conservatives in the Kansas republican party had their way then no moderate candidate like Lynn would ever be in any office. That's why the repubs are in so much trouble in Kansas as I see it.

I think both sides could use a lesson on right-wing and left-wing. It seems if you're a liberal everyone who isn't is right-wing and if you're a conservative everyone who isn't is left-wing. Nothing will get accomplished that way and that's why not only is the KS republican party in trouble, but we all are unless we can have meaningful debate (not of course in this forum, that would be looking for a miracle--I mean in general).

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Nazi rhetoric dishonors victims

"Did Pitts ever get his knickers twisted by seeing any of the Bush/Hitler signs that were common features at protests from 2000 through 2008?"

It looks to me like he condemned right along with condemning the Obama/Hitler comparisions. Do you disagree with the article snap?

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NCAA announces Memphis will be required to forfeit 2007-08 victories

"some kind of punishment for the Rose's, Camby's, and Magette's of the world this will continue to happen."

I think there's several fine lines in these cases but if you're lumping those three together then Duke should have been punished just like UMASS and Memphis. The NCAA has an impossible job, but I think once they do catch impropriety they should try to rule consistently.

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NCAA announces Memphis will be required to forfeit 2007-08 victories

I do recall the reports that came out saying KU would not be punished for Arthur's grade change and reports that Arthur wasn't responsible for it if that's what you're referring to as 'exonerated'. The problem is I'm also seeing the reports the Memphis will be punished for Rose's SAT mess. My point is that the NCAA is a joke and hypocritical. I don't see a difference. My question is how do they decide? I'm happy about their decision with KU b/c how could we know when NCAA clears him, but I think Memphis should get the same treatment.

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