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Occupy Wall Street vs. the tea party

Conservative blogger James Sinclair wrote recently:

"The greatest threat to our economy is neither corporations nor the government. The greatest threat to our economy is both of them working together. There are currently two sizable coalitions of angry citizens that are almost on the same page about that, and they're too busy insulting each other to notice."

I could get behind either or both of the Tea Party and OWS if they actually were movements towards what they say they are movements towards. Instead, like most of you, they can not for the life of them get the two party system out of their heads. BOTH parties are corrupt and when you strip away the rhetoric they really stand for mostly the same things.

Also, I fully realize the right-wingers will claim Mr. Sinclair is no conservative. Save the whining on that one.

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Kansas City Royals week in review: 6/13/2011

Maybe Butler or Hosmer can pinch hit for Escobar against STL. Just kidding. It will be interesting to see what the Royals do there.

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Was pinch hitting for Alcides Escobar the right call?

We're talking about the ninth inning of a game where there will be no tenth inning for a glove to impact without plating a run. Surely you agree that in 'the future', with development of a player not an issue, the worst hitter in the league should be hit for in that situation even if he has the best glove in league? I'll listen the development arguments (and disagree with them), but Yost says some outrageous things and this is another one.

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Was pinch hitting for Alcides Escobar the right call?

I wouldn't classify it as 'very important' to me, but if you're not sacrificing the future then why not? I guess that's the disagreement--I don't think missing out on 2-3 ABs per month (at best--how many one run games has he come to the plate in the late innings?) is detrimental to his development.

I still don't think a fully developed Escobar will likely to be asked to hit in those situations either, but I realize that's utter speculation.

Also, Yost has backed himself into a corner he can't get out of now so I will have to get used to seeing Escobar in those situations. It's not changing this year (at least).

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Was pinch hitting for Alcides Escobar the right call?

I don't think it will crush his confidence either, but isn't part of the defense Yost has been using? Possibly that's just the narrative created by writers who are just as baffled as me about continuing to run him out there in those situations.

Also, my argument is not 'win now at the expense of the future'. My argument is 'win now if it's NOT at the expense of the future'. I do not for a moment believe that pinch hitting for Escobar once a week hurts his development (would you argue that it does?), thus we could do that and try to win today.

None of these games are meaningless to me so I reject that portion of your argument as well.

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Was pinch hitting for Alcides Escobar the right call?

Maybe it's not fair to pin it on Dayton as Yost clearly has a history of sticking with guys. I got a little carried away, but the point remains--play to win with what you have or don't expect me to watch every game like I have been until you care.

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Was pinch hitting for Alcides Escobar the right call?

I usually find myself agreeing with you, but in this case I couldn't disagree more.

If your favorite team isn't playing to win with the pieces they have then what's the point?

I get the long-term view, but not to a fault like this. Escobar should play every day, yes, but he that doesn't mean he has to get EVERY at-bat in the game. If getting pinch hit for in the ninth inning of a game (when he is the WORST hitter in baseball) crushes his confidence then he will never have the confidence necessary to suceed long term.

Here's another newsflash: if Alcides DOES eventually hit, it's not likely that he'll hit enough that we wouldn't pinch hit for him in that situation anyway. Our bench is weak at this point (though every hitter is an upgrade over him), but in theory if we're in contention then we'll have a player on our bench better than him even if he reaches his most optimistic ceiling as a hitter.

Running Escobar out there for 8th and 9th inning at-bats while losing a close game is no different than playing Mike Jacobs, Jose Guillen, or Willie Bloomquist as regulars. You're either trying to win or you're not. At some point Dayton needs to start caring about the product Kansas City fans are watching IN Kansas City.

Sorry for the rant, but I can not stand any argument that says we shouldn't be trying to win games at the major league level.

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Royals insert Vin Mazzaro into starting rotation

I actually think this is the first step in improving the starting pitching. I'm not ready to argue that Mazzaro should be in the rotation instead of Chen, but I think he belongs. Hopefully he'll prove that over the next couple of starts and when Chen is healthy he can come back and replace someone else. I'm not ready for Duffy or Monty yet, but talk to me in 4-6 weeks and there's a couple more ways the rotation can improve. I'm still more worried about our bats regressing to prior expectations because the staff has room for improvement and the pieces are in the system to provide it.

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Where are the holes in the Kansas City Royals lineup?

i'm with Nick on Kila, but I don't think he'll get anywhere near 1000 PA unless he starts to come around. everyone has to remember how early it still is. prior to yesterday Kila was getting on base at a better clip than everyone's beloved Melky. Melky went 3 for 4 and his OBP jumped 25 points. a similar day from kila will go a long ways and hopefully get him on the right track.

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Kansas GOP candidates like proof of citizenship requirement, but court says no in Arizona

It's a lot more difficult than you make it sound. My sister-in-law tried to gain citizenship for years after marrying my brother. It was made more difficult by the fact that he kept getting stationed at different bases, some overseas, but nevertheless she tried and tried to follow their procedures only to get notifications that she had missed such and such window for said paperwork, failed to file proper form at correct office (one time the form HAD been filed at the correct office), etc. I'm not saying it shouldn't be required and she ultimately was successful after 3+ years of jumping through hoops, but to act as if they just need to make their intentions know and then take a test is inaccurate. There is as much redtape in these procedures as any other gov't branch.

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