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So, William has a problem with the estimates. Does he know what it costs? They do not publish what presidential trips cost. If they did we'd all just set still & take it. Because noone cares. Kind of sad, the country is in terrible shape & going downhill faster than anyone wants to admit & our prez goes on a worthless trip. Maybe we won't vote for a college professor next time.

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Southwest Junior High ninth-grader installing cross outside First United Methodist Church for Eagle Scout project

Wow, Great job kid!! The good are proud of you, the bad aren't & will never be.

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Airport security has gone too far

Amazes me how many people give up their rights so quickly because Katie Couric & Barry Saltillo say so. Wow, oh yeah, also, it's in their best interests. That's a classic line. It really works for almost anything. I'd like to see them try to sell that to George Washington. Not gonna happen. Here's a new thought: think for yourself. Does this seem right? Not in this country.

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Sam Brownback, Pat Roberts sign on to federal health reform challenge

Good for our Senators! Tis the right thing to do. If people just stop & think for themselves- or run it through the forefathers way of thinking - there's only one answer to it.

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Kobach challenging in-state tuition rates for undocumented students

So, let me get this straight. Kobach thinks that illegals shouldn't be here. The media thinks they should & because most of the people buy in to the media then zippy here thinks we should all be for illegals. Nah, not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent. This guy has more guts than anyone in Lawrence- thank God. He's going down a different path- one that the forefathers blazed. Godspeed Kobach, you gotta lotta people that are "enlightened" to deal with. They watched Matt Lauer & Katie Couric!

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Another attack on individual freedom

You frighten me at how quick you give up your rights. & all because the government deems it is in your best interests. You should not live in this country. You don't deserve it.

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Another attack on individual freedom

Your flippant attitude about your country shows your depth of thought. People have fought & died for this country to be free. Think about that. Probably won't take you long.

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Another attack on individual freedom

wow- to see so many of you put up with this indignity because the government has deemed it to be in your best interests. There is no end to this line of thinking...& the power that you give over so freely. So many people have fought & died for this country. & now look at the weak
that have taken over. The lazy, the "enlightened." Bulletin: your country is being sold & leveraged out from under you on purpose while you set idly by & have your privates touched by lowlifes. Free Advice: Look the other way, every day we lose more rights, more money & more morals. Don't look at the hand behind their back, look at what they want you to.

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