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Column: KU’s 2015-’16 outlook uncertain

Some of these guys even trying to ponder the concept of going pro better really think about it long and hard. Anyone remember Xavier Henry and Josh Selby ... who left early for the glitter and fame of the NBA. Don't thing Henry is playing and last I knew Selby was playing in Europe or some place similar. Then again maybe if some of these guys did go they could bring in some blue collar players who play with tenacity and toughness. Wichita State had far less talent on the floor but their desire to win was evident. Would rather see someone with less talent on the floor but more heart - with the mindset that they are going to win no matter what.

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Column: Can Cozart continue as KU's QB?

Well 4 interceptions with 12 completions isn't very good. But given 4 sacks - one can understand that the guy really doesn't want to stay back there with the ball and a bulls-eye on his jersey.

For such an offensive minded head coach - the offense is at best a wet firecracker. Mangino was more creative on the offensive side of the ball - and no don't want him back.

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New look, same old feeling

By the score and looking at the number of times TX had the ball - looks like the KU defense is starting to come together.

The offense is a whole other story. Really - 12 of 31 passing w/ 4 interceptions. Feel for Cozart but it is obvious that he is struggling. What is interesting - they have given him more of chance to be the QB than they ever did with Crist and they one they had transfer in from BYU that Weis was touting ... makes you wonder how much of his touting was for show (which is not good).

As far as the players talking - maybe the D players making comments to the media will light a fire under the offense and get them to start doing what they need to do. Then again - it never said how many times Cozart was sacked (didn't see the game) - and if he wasn't sacked then he either has happy feet or just cannot pass.

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Column: Make or break — CMU game could seal Weis’ fate

It is not only a make or break game for Weis but also Zenger. He sold us the bill of goods about finding "the right man" for the job. Maybe Zenger goes first, bring in a new AD who gives Weis one more year then make the change. If Weis doesn't win he really should tender his resignation. Not so much due to the fact he has lost but more for all of the smoke and mirrors. Supposedly had two pro-type QBs right out of the gate - neither came close to playing a full year. Talked about setting a standard yet players walk onto the filed after half-time when they are down.

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KU freshman Andrew Wiggins declares for NBA Draft

Agree Wiggins and Selby are different but both have talent. Also both - Selby then Wiggins now - are not physical enough for the NBA based on the time in their lives they are coming out. Wiggins could use the experience and more importantly time to allow his body to develop and build some added muscle.

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KU freshman Andrew Wiggins declares for NBA Draft

If Wiggins is the #1 pick great for him. But that could also suggest this draft isn't like some past seasons. Wiggins has a lot of talent and a lot of potential ... but is it enough to compete against men? Selby had a lot of talent and he didn't make it - he might at some point. I think it was clear that even though KU had a lot of talent - against physical players and more mature players they struggled. Wiggins will face the same issues ... one wonders if he would have been better off waiting 2 years and getting more physical and stronger.

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Column: Absence proved Embiid’s worth

Embiid might have helped getting by Stanford ... but not all that sure they would have gone on any further. There is a lot of potential talent on the KU squad but there is a big difference in playing at the high school level and playing NCAA Div I ... or even use an AAU game. If these guys stick around another year or two - they could dominate easily. The question is - are they looking for a quick pay check or to play in the NBA for a long time? One and done - works for some but the evidence suggests it isn't the best route to take.

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One not done: Wayne Selden to return for sophomore season at Kansas

None of the Jayhawks should be looking to go to the NBA this season. They might have "talent" but not enough for the NBA level. If they have a hole in their game playing at KU will allow them to fix it. At the same time it allows them to get bigger and stronger. Hopefully they are thinking long-term - staying in the NBA - rather than getting that bonus. Selby is a classic example - talented yes but not ready for prime time.

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‘What if ... ’: Jayhawks ponder what could have been

Even with Embiid the Jayhawks would not have gone much farther. They as players have a great deal of talent but as a team they had not learned how to compete at this level. When you stop and think they "supposedly" had three NBA caliber players (well potential players) on the court (one and doners) they sure didn't act like a high powered team. Not like the Kentucky team that the hawks ran into not too long ago. Unfortunately the money is going to call and the name that comes to mind is Josh Selby ... and if any of the Jayhawks do go pro they just might follow in his footsteps. Even Wiggins as much talent as he has at the college level will be playing against men.

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Arch sadness: KU's season ends in St. Louis, in round of 32

Sad ending to a season that started with a lot of hype about players who were going to be one and done. For the one and doners sake I hope they take a moment and rethink their next decision. I hope the name Josh Selby comes to mind and where he is today. It is evident that KU has a lot of "potential talent" but when matched up against experience and players who are more physical - that talent seems to have problems. Unfortunately for them (one and done group) the money calls and who can blame them? Hard to pass up a big paycheck ... but the real question is are they passing up the long-term benefits of being employed at the NBA level? Charles Barkley his the nail on the head - they can look good when playing against college caliber players, but if they cannot beat Stanford then how will the compete against men? He wasn't being negative - just asking a basic question.

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