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STD rates on the rise in Douglas County; gonorrhea experiencing most dramatic surge

The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department can provide condoms for free, but you will need to meet with a nurse on the first visit. This can be done on a walk-in basis during clinic hours. I'm the communications coordinator at the Health Department. Feel free to contact me at @info@ldchealth.org or call the Health Department at 785-843-0721, if you have further questions. Clinic hours are listed at the bottom of the website: http://ldchealth.org.

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Sunflower Foundation grants $110,000 for part of Lawrence Loop

Thanks to everyone involved in the Lawrence Loop project! I use the SLT bike path nearly every day during the warm weather months and the Rock Chalk Park trails nearly every day during the winter months. So, glad to have a safe place to ride my bike and walk. I see people of all ages using these trails.

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Lawrence AmeriCorps member speaks out for equality

Thanks for sharing your story, Alisha, and helping others! I am so glad I get to work with you at the Health Department! I agree with Jenn — You're a true inspiration!

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New sexuality education standards implemented throughout Lawrence public schools this year

The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department still provides family-based sex education classes. In fact, we are accepting enrollment for the fall sessions, which start in October. Information about the classes can be found here: http://ldchealth.org/our-services/fam...

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Health Champion: Older runner has inspired many in the Lawrence community to be more active

Congrats, Ellen! Thank you for all you do for this community! You are a true Health Champion and such an inspiration! :)

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Parks and Recreation plans healthier foods at city-owned concession stands

Kudos to Parks and Rec for making these changes! Eating healthy is important to me and I seek out restaurants and venues that offer such choices! Thanks for making a difference in the health of this community!

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Dog being cared for at Humane Society after owner's body recovered from Kansas River

Sad to hear this news. I had the privilege of meeting Dwight and his dog while spending a day at the Salvation Army. I did a series of stories and this was one of them: http://wellcommons.com/groups/nosuran...
Dwight was kind enough to share his story.

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Residents find 'common ground' in city gardening program

Awesome program. Kudos to everyone who participates. Special thanks to Eileen Horn for helping to establish its roots!

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Lawrence social worker helps patients live their own lives

Thanks Felicia Shockey for all you do in the community and for elderly residents! The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department appreciates your work and the Project LIVELY care managers are thrilled to receive a donation for the program on your behalf!

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Live blog: Monday night's public forum on closure of Lawrence SRS office

I had trouble getting Internet service at times, so I apologize for the gaps especially at the end of the forum. Rep. Paul Davis ended the forum by encouraging everyone to contact the governor's office. He said that Lawrence legislators and leaders will continue to fight to keep the SRS office open.

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