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Scoring forecast: Ben McLemore, Thomas Robinson, Tyshawn Taylor candidates to lead KU basketball team

KU always pulls it together and puts a tough squad together. There's a lot of unknowns except that they will be very good.

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One person dies after being struck by a piece of metal that fell from an oncoming vehicle on the SLT in Lawrence

Yes, I see unsecured stuff often, not to mention excessive speed of pick ups/ SUV's hauling trailers. There is no way the braking system of any pick up or large SUV can handle a panic stop when pulling a trailer at 75 or 80 mph. These drivers need to slow down.

I was doing 70 mph (in a sedan) in the far right hand lane of I 70 between Lawrence and Topeka last fall when a wide load semi came flying buy in the far left lane pulling a bulldozer! He had to be pushing 80 mph easily.

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Have you ever seen a tornado in person?

I followed my roommate to the top of the football stadium at Bethany Colleger in 1974 and viewed several tornadoes dancing near Salina, north of where we were. It was late in the afternoon and we had an incredible vantage point. I was amazed by the sight.

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Police department requests $1.2 million funding increase to create more positions

I always find it absurd when we Lawrencians start talking about blocking people from Topeka/ Shawnee county from coming to Lawrence to reduce crime. Do you have any idea of the amount of good people from Topeka (and KC) who literally flood Mass Street and spend their money here in our community, every weekend, every day? I have a friend with a downtown business that says the vast majority of his customers are from Topeka. Not to mention the residents of Topeka/ Shawnee county who send their kids to KU. Get off it, I'm tired of hearing this silliness.

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