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Game day Breakdown: No. 1 KU basketball vs. No. 2 Duke

Wow. The Kansas Duke game was one of the best games I've ever seen. Really amazing team effort.

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KU clinches share of 14th-straight Big 12 title in win over Tech

What a great win. Congrats to both Graham and Svi for having monster seasons! Graham for Player of the Year!

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Jayhawks win battle of top-four teams at Baylor

This team is TOUGH. Very impressive win on Baylor's home turf. A great team win, everyone who got minutes made a big play at some point.

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Comeback for the Ages: Jayhawks shock West Virginia with late rally, 84-80

Congrats to this team on an incredible win. So glad to see that they never quit fighting. This game may have even been better than the 20 point comeback and OT win against Mizzou in 2012.

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No asterisk necessary: Jayhawks come back to win Big 12 outright

Heckuva win. They EARNED that one.

Jamari really stepped up when Perry went down and solid minutes from Mick and Luke. Luke's block near the end rocked.

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Column: Jayhawks royally motivated for Iowa State

Solid, solid win tonight. Iowa State kept throwing punches but the team took everything they threw and kept answering. I think this team is starting to find it's identity and build some chemistry. I'm still not used to hearing the commentators say that we're the best 3-point shooting team in the Big 12 but maybe by March it'll sink in.

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Letter: Please explain

Mr. Masters and Mr. Kerr would rather hand over the reigns of power to two unelected billionaires just because they promise everyone the moon(?) So how would you reign the Kochs and their ilk in when they inevitably start abusing their power or if and when your self interest and their self interest no longer coincide. I hear the Tea Party righties throwing around terms like "tyrant" and "dictator" all the time but it's obvious that they have no real idea of what they mean. Just because Obama has enacted certain legislation that you don't agree with does not make him a dictator. If that were the criteria for dictatorship then every American president since the beginning would have been a tyrant. One of the most critical and often overlooked aspects that define a dictator is the inability of those not in power to remove him/her from office by any means. We have that means here and it's called an election. Who would you elect to replace the Koch boys when they inevitably start abusing the power that you would award them?

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Better every day: After relaxing break, KU freshman Embiid all about improvement

It's cool to hear that he's such a hard worker and an avid student of the game. It would be easy for someone with so much natural talent to sit back and rely on talent alone to get by but he sounds hungry and he plays hungry. Even the shots that he missed against Toledo were impressive - some of the moves that he made just to get those shots were simply amazing.

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UNC coach Roy Williams: Loss stings, but not because of history with KU

I love those strong 2nd half finishes. What a nutty 1st half, but I never lose faith with this team. They find ways to win. I shouldn't say anything about Jeff's hair since he's playing so well, but it is time for another haircut, lol. On to Michigan. I don't know much about them this year but as long as they're not a small, fast team I won't panic. It seems like it's always the small, quick teams that give us trouble in the tourney but when we're playing a powerhouse team it seems to bring out our best.

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'Bragging rights': KU takes Big 12 tourney title with 70-54 win over Kansas State

That truly was a team win, in fact it's really cool that on a night where B-Mac didn't play his best the rest of the team rallied and won decisively. Kudos to Traylor and Tharpe for some excellent minutes, to Travis for his stifling defense and some key fastbreaks, to Kevin not only for just getting out there after getting injured yesterday but for playing to his usual high standards and energy, and to Jeff for an outstanding game and tournament. And last, was Perry worth the wait or what? Not that it was really a wait - he's been improving noticeably and steadily all season but it looks as if he's really figured out that not only can he play at this level but that he can get out there and make a difference.

In 2008 I watched the NCAA Championship at my parents' house. They had invited another couple over, one of whom was from South Africa and she had never seen a basketball game. She picked one helluva game for her first ever although I wouldn't be surprised if she was afraid to ever watch another with us - I don't think she'd ever seen that much emotion unleashed over a game before. Also, in '88 I was going to school back east and had to miss the first half of Danny and the Miracles because I had a big project due. When I got back to my apartment at halftime all my roommates were waiting for me and they were all like "you're not going to believe this, but it's 50-50 at the half". I took my seat and got to watch one of the greatest 2nd half performances of all time. I eventually got to see the first half a few years later.

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