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More details on plans for a Dick's Sporting Goods store in old Sears building

This is good news! I hated having to go to Topeka buy from Dick's

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Office seeks input on laws to repeal

KSA ยง 65-4105(d)16

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KU to wear alternate adidas camo uniforms in Big 12 tournament

These remind me of blaze orange / camo hunting clothes.

a. What's the point?
b. What are we hiding from?
c. Is this like how in soccer they make goal keepers clothes like a casino floor so your eyes find them hideous and hard to look at?

I actually prefer Adidas over Nike and appreciate all they have done for us and understand the bending over and doing what they say but, again (see a.)

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Bill would allow religious symbols on public land

i'm SO joining up!

These aren't the droids you're looking for....

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Bill would allow religious symbols on public land

While I wouldn't be surprised if that we're true and may very well be now, but the NYT has us in a 3-tie for for 3rd. That's from 2011. [citation]?

"Arkansas has the least formally educated Statehouse, with 25 percent of its 135 legislators not having any college experience at all, compared with 8.7 percent of lawmakers nationwide. It was followed by state legislatures in Montana (20 percent), Kansas (16 percent), South Dakota (16 percent) and Arizona (16 percent)." -

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Knology customers report outages in west Lawrence

I have a load balancing router running with Knology Gold and AT&T DSL Elite. One of them is down half the time and slow, the other is from Knology....

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Lawrence chefs share best holiday recipes

Wow, Ken

I'm sure the other dishes are great but just on looks and ingredients alone I'm going hunting in the morning

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State board discusses home-schooling requirements

1. No
2. No
3. Yes, Yes, No.
4. The Parents

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Sound Off: On streets with marked bike lanes (e.g. 15th, 19th) is it legal for two bicyclists to rid

The sign says "Share the road" What don't you people get about that?

No wonder there are no Amish around here, you people would have killed them off decades ago as not to lift your fat foot off the gas.

I'm actually impressed that a good 99.5%+ of the drivers I see in town and around the county give people on bikes almost as much room as they would a deputy or trooper. Defiantly more space than LPD gets from a passing car. And when I see the other .5% I make my self a jam car and make their drive s.l.o.w.

I don't even own a bike

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Offbeat Occupations: Doula wants positive experience for moms

Being an a$$hat on the internet is a hard job, but anticommunist's gotta do it....

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