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Letter: Food stamps vital

Technically, she is not defrauding the gov't (only morally, IMO). There is no line of questioning on the form that asks: "Do you routinely not answer the phone if you know it's the office asking if you can come in and work extra this afternoon?" or "Do you buy frivolous treats for your kids and cigarettes, pot, or cable TV for yourself?"

Furthermore, I suspect that the overwhelming majority of other assistance recipients would fail the means test if these questions were asked.

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Letter: Food stamps vital

In terms of "She has calculated her margins of eligibility... so she won't exceed the income criteria. ", you are probably right. However, how many have the unfrugal spending and lifestyle habits that are enabled by subsidizing poor choices and lack of personal sacrifice?

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Letter: Food stamps vital

I know a woman, married with one child, who is on food stamps. She also gets an unclear number of other state benefits because the kid has some mild learning disability (a nonspecific apraxia), even though he is at the head of his class. She works part-time in a clerical role at a small business and her husband works full-time in the capacity of unskilled labor. She has calculated her margins of eligibility for the food stamps and other benefits and she won't work more than X number of hours per week so she won't exceed the income criteria. She and the husband smoke cigs and she buys her kid organic gummy bears. She always has pot, even if it's cheap Mexican schwag. She has satellite dish TV and one of the best smart phones on the market.

How many 'needy' recipients meet some or all of this woman's profile traits?

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County commissioners blast concealed-carry law

If that is your best argument against CCW, then you have conceded defeat on multiple levels.

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County commissioners blast concealed-carry law

I listened to an interview the woman, a physician, gave on NPR. She had ample opportunity for a direct and clear shot. She was certain that she could have taken him out.

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Letter: Shame on us

"The Newtown shooter used guns belonging to his mother"

Glad you brought that up. She found cartoons he had drawn showing him shooting up crowds of people and a collection of mass shooting pictures and news clippings. She was alarmed but did not act on her fears.

Criminal negligence...pure, plain and simple. I have no qualms stating directly to her surviving family that she deserved to get shot in the face for such despicable omissions of common sense and responsibility.

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Vigil held to promote gun control

If you are former PD, here is no way you can say 'get rid of semi-automatics' and not be aware of the implications...no way at all.

The overwhelming majority of firearms sold today are semi-auto. I don't care what your grandfather had. Living in the past like that suggests a poor grasp on reality. My grandfather actually had a horse-drawn wagon when he was young. Ironically, he bought me a semi-automatic 22 cal. rifle for my 12th birthday, nearly 4 decades ago.

Are you thinking you can just confiscate all the pre-existing semi-autos out there or just outlaw them so only outlaws will have them?

Seriously, what are you thinking?

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Opinion: Gun laws won’t conquer evil

Recently divulged additional information about the Lanza family and the shooting.
1. The kid had been bullied at the school and the school was apparently selected based on motives of revenge.
2. The mother found drawings of him shooting people and didn't know how to respond, so she did nothing at all.

Both situations allow for ample opportunities to learn from and decrease the likelihood of similar events in the future.

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Opinion: Gun laws won’t conquer evil

"I wish everyday...I'd bust out my gun and become an instant American Hero like Steven Segal or Charles Bronson. "

What? Somehow I think you may be a sockpuppet intent on misrepresenting legitimate CCWs as trigger-happy lunatics living in a fantasy world.

If you are serious, you are borderline dangerous, at the very least. I suggest you seek therapy before your latent hostilities injure or kill innocent people.

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Lawrence man arrested on suspicion of stealing phone from pedestrian

If you look closely at the statistics of auto vs. pedestrian accidents, it often is the pedestrian's fault. In most cities the pedestrians are heavily intoxicated about 50% of the time.

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