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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

KC Star did that. You can easily bypass The KC Star's by disrupting the wifi signal in the moment after the article loads but before you get a pop-up demanding a subscription. Then re-connect the signal. You may have to practice a little to get the timing right. A Dell laptop has a toggle switch that makes it super-easy.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Only fools wold expose themselves to the hazards of posting online here under their real names. This site will end up like the KC Star...a place where you will only find a few rare chirping crickets.

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Opinion: Shooting raises mental health issues

Regardless of any lost opportunity for psychiatric intervention, there was another glaring red flag that should have kept him from passing a background check for gun ownership; unlawful use of a firearm. He had a documented sentinel event where he fired a gun three times into the tires of a car after having a temper tantrum. That alone should have met exclusion criteria for gun ownership IMHO.

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Opinion: Just asking: Is America crazy?

What meds were each of the above-mentioned shooters taking?

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Editorial: Drone policy?

Wait ten years and see how radically the prevalence of drones will have escalated in both the public and private sector.

Just look at cell phone technology and how it mushroomed over the past decade...now realize that drones are much much easier to advance. Now, factor in the soon-to-arrive wave of personal 3-D printers coupled with the tech-savvy minds of today's youth becoming tomorrow's build-it-yourselfers.

I think Deer Trail, CO may actually have the right idea, within limits.

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Opinion: Uruguay marijuana law could backfire

" I’m generally in favor of legalizing marijuana, because the 40-year-old prohibitionist model has led to drug wars that have cost tens of thousands of deaths in Mexico and Central America..."
In reality, this will probably do little to quench the culture of blood-lust that lurks beneath the surface in Central America. Canada exports $5 billion of cannabis a year into the USA and manages to do so with virtually no significant violence.

As for the practice of supplying it to children, hopefully a well-informed and cohesive public mindset will develop that makes such actions socially taboo. Take a look at how America has changed over the last 30 years in regards to how socially acceptable it is to supply children with cigarettes and alcohol. A few aggressive, highly-publicized prosecutions may do a lot to rapidly change any public sentiments that supplying cannabis to children is OK.

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Opinion: Former district attorney comments on concealed-carry law

"I was a prosecutor for over 20 years, Mr. Knox, and I can assure you that I was privy to numerous violent crimes perpetrated by people who, at least on the surface, could not conceivably be capable of such crimes."

Numerous times over 20 years? Just how many is 'numerous'? Is it as many people as have been struck by meteors since the beginning of recorded time? Assuming the population average of KS was 2.5 million people, then over 20 years he is talking 500 million people-years. That's a cumulative half-billion yearly chances that a seemingly normal person could commit an unexpected violent crime of the nature he is referring to. Yet, all he has to show for it is 'numerous' times a crime was committed by someone he did not know was capable of it.

Given the paucity of real crime committed by real CCW-holders, I think he should trade in his tin-foil hat for a lead helmet. After all, I see a falling star in the sky every so often and statistically, I can not deny that there is a chance on could land on his head.

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Doctor shortage a looming health issue

If you get so much as a kidney stone, the doc will do a physical exam, take a history and will be able to nothing else helpful except order a series of X-rays or CT scans, some IV pain meds and call a urology consult that will likely ending up with an invasive procedure. The only thing a primary care doc can do on the cheap is recommend buying a flour sieve instead of a medical-grade urine stone screen to catch the stone if you are man enough to forfeit 21st century care and go home and try to pass the stone on your own. All the things I mentioned will probably cost 10s of thousands of dollars beyond the doc's control.

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Olathe man arrested, charged with threatening motorists with handgun on K-10

Let's say, hypothetically, the girls genuinely felt their life was in danger. Let's say they had their own firearm...let's make it a legal CCW situation for the sake of argument. At what point would they be justified in firing (with intent to kill) in this setting?

Any educated CCWers or attorneys have any serious insight into this question?

Would it change anything if the victim of harassment was a lone male with a shotgun, coming back from a skeet shoot?

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Letter: Food stamps vital

Spare me your flimsy and foamy little spurt of indignation.

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