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Kansas Senate committee OK's plan to exclude courts from school finance

So, if we destroy our schools and universities, let roads and bridges fall apart, and fail to provide basic necessities of life for people, then businesses will flock to Kansas?

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A New Frontier for Abortion

Lifeforall, Not all Christians believe abortion is murder. Nor do all people of other world religions consider it murder. Stop forcing your religious believes on the rest of us.

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A New Frontier for Abortion

All the GOP is doing is changing the way they talk about women at the national level. As if women are stupid enough not to notice that the message hasn't changed. Their work to limit access to abortion is going full speed in the states. Action speaks volumes. As rrearby said the poorest women among us are being hurt the most.

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A New Frontier for Abortion

Just this week I read proposed legislation (now in committee) indicating that Kansas politicians plan to make safe, legal abortions nearly impossible to obtain. Like their boss, Brownback, these politicians think they have the right to control women's health care decisions despite Roe V. Wade. Lawmakers with no respect for the law!

I agree Do-It-Yourself (DIY) abortions aren't as safe as those performed by medical professionals in clinics. But I'm old enough to remember what happened to women who used the only means available before Roe V. Wade--filthy clinics, caustic chemicals, sharp objects--led to severe injury and death of women. Believe I read that drugs like Viagra are riskier to men's health than DIY drugs are to women.

Thanks for your comment.

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Editorial: Children in need

Hen party? Guess when you have no argument to make, name calling is the best you can do.

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Editorial: Children in need

I found your comments ambiguous. Today was the first day I posted to this site so I don't your history of comments. I knew what to expect from Brownback, which is why I didn't vote for him. Would his opponent have done better? Probably. Are our state and federal systems of elections and government corrupted by money? Absolutely!

As a teacher, I find value in talking and listening to others. I don't see this as "picking on politicians", but an opportunity to understand and comment. Talk without action to change problems to the extent we are able is irresponsible.

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Editorial: Children in need

I quite agree. If I do nothing to help hungry children and adults, I am responsible for their hunger. As a teacher in high poverty areas, I used my own money and worked in communities to make sure students in our schools had food and clothing. Most teachers did the same, whether they worked in public or private education. To me, that's what living in a community means. If you're saying that we only have responsibilities to ourselves and our own families, then I pity you. There's so much more to life than clinging to money--no matter how much or how little of it you have.

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Editorial: Children in need

The topic is children living in poverty in Kansas. How does beating children address the fact that our elected leaders choose to let the poorest children go hungry?

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Editorial: Children in need

If Brownback is going to be so generous to businesses through tax cuts, he should add requirements for them, too. Companies that provide on-site child care have more productive employees. The cost of child care alone makes it prohibitive for low wage earners to make enough to support a family. If Brownback cared as much about children as he does about the unborn, why not require businesses to provide on-site child care or better yet, living wages, as a requirement for business tax breaks?

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