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Black culture sells out black children

You were speaking of it being difficult to find a job. The reason why many other minorities are successful, as far as employment is concerned, is they DO NOT seek employment from people who don't like them. Other ethnic groups many times are employed among their own pwople. I'm thinking of the Jewish population which was and still is reviled as much as the Black population, and also the Asian population. They are both groups that are close knit, and for the most part, own their own businesses. Because of this, they hire their own people. This is the remedy for Black unemployment. Not all blacks can work for white people, government (which isn't white, it is all of us) or other ethnic groups. We need viable, thriving, honest Black businesses in our own neighborhoods who will hire other Blacks. The people working in these places, as well as the owner or owners, need to treat whoever shops with them decently. Bad treatment by Black merchants has run Black shoppers away from Black businesses. At least that is the case where I live, and has been the case for some time. Blacks have to help one another. Others do not care whether we have employment or not. This also goes back to the low self esteem mentioned in the above article. That is why we do not help one another and treat each other badly or rudely. It is a hard thing to say, but through generations of conditioning by the mainstream culture, we don't like one another. Most won't admit it. That is why the little girl chose the white doll. She doesn't like herself. Each Black mother in this country has to begin to prepare herself for this, and teach her children that there is NOTHING wrong with being Black. NOTHING!!!! Stop this crap about "good hair" and "light skin" and being white. There's nothing wrong with white people or other ethnic groups, but damn, stop wishing for their hair and features. Our kids have picked up on this, and it has travelled from one generation to another. I think that may be one reason Black men, in some cases, prefer white women. All their lives they've been taught white women are beautiful. Black parents should stop this way of thinking as soon as possible. We have to fight it. It doesn't mean we are hating anyone, it means we are feeling good about ourselves. I am from the generation the author of the above article spoke of. I remember the 1960's well, and I wore an afro. I was in high school and college when The Movement was occurring. At that time I thought I had seen the last of this "good hair" mess. There's nothing wrong with naturally straight hair, or fair skin, but the longing in some Black women especially for it is abnormal. This is particularly the case in the inner cities where the parents don't fight this way of thinking. It is all very depressing and yes, as the author said above "heartbreaking." It has to stop, and on a personal level I plan to do all I can to stop it.

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