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Kansas lawyer could become Nigerian king

Go Ichabods :)

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How has Obama's Stimulus Helped You?

He granted millions of dollars of stimulus money to scientists at KU for research (2 year grants) - securing my job plus opening up a few more in research administration.

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Franklin County sheriff's deputy t-boned 5 miles south of Douglas County line

I hope both are okay too! Sometimes it's dangerous pulling out on 59 high way from the country roads, but seriously - it's better to just wait instead of trying to beat the car coming! I hope he got a citation for something, because you know if it was switched, you'd be sure to get a ticket!

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Prepare for downtown Harley invasion

The ladies do not care if their behind is hanging off the back, they are enjoying the ride! No need to be a negative nancy!

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Planning ahead can ease new mom’s return to work

Great article! But a year of maternity leave, that's nuts!

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KU freshman Jason Wren died of alcohol poisoning, autopsy confirms

In my opinion, no parties that provided alcohol, or such are to blame. It's just like if a drunk driver passed away by getting into an wreck. As tragic as it is, it's still just poor judgment. I hope the new KU policy & Jason Wren's death will prevent others from making the same mistake.

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Beloved teacher wins $10,000

That is so great! Congrats!

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Three Lawrence residents sentenced for participating in drug trafficking organization

Austin got 14 years. The guy who got convicted of starting the fire in the Boardwalk apartments, which killed three people and injured several others got 10 years. Also, child molesters/rapists get less time too in a lot of cases. Something is definitely wrong with the sentencing guidelines here.

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Some Kansas Republican employees getting special pay bonuses

It's not about what they deserve. It's about being hypocrits!

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Kansas House committee approves 5 percent pay cut for state employees

It's really strange that all of these people are promoting this tax on state employees, and in their mind justifying it because it doesn't affect them. Have some empathy, guys! People who actually like their jobs, maybe don't want to go into the private sector. In my part of work, if the employees found jobs elsewhere, we would lose valuable knowledge and employees and it would definitely affect the work environment.

As far as how important KU jobs go, it would be a chain reaction of bad news if there were not enough employees to provide services for students. Eventually, it would lose it's reputation for good education, research, and stop getting federal money, then maybe students would choose to go elsewhere, and also spend their money elsewhere. The whole town of Lawrence would be affected because then these students may not make a home out of Lawrence and spend their money in Lawrence. I know it sounds far-fetched but Lawrence needs state employees as much as state employees need that 5% that they might lose.

Thank you for the people who posted to send letters to our representatives, I think we all should act now!

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