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Swiss Army Knives up to 75% Off

People want the best deal - near or far! Thanks for posting!

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Green bean recipe is a winner with my family

I don't care about the other coupon bloggers, I appreciate that a local shopper is doing all of the work for us.

I have saved a lot of money because of this blog, and all I see is a bunch of negative feedback. I don't want to go find other blogs with the same information, I like it easily accessible on this site. If you are busy questioning whether someone is actually super, or not - maybe you need to count your blessing that you don't have worse problems.

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USD 497 - Excessive Administration Costs

Thanks for the clarification! That makes perfect sense. Too bad it seems like the ones making the decisions and the administrators are in kahoots.

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USD 497 - Excessive Administration Costs

I agree that we should be cutting admin costs. But having a principal of an elementary school be the disciplinary for a junior high? So the elementary school principal is going to have to drive over to the junior high every time someone decides to cut class, or be disruptive? That doesn't seem effective. And sharing assistants & principals? I'm not sure how that is possible, perhaps you had a plan for that.

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Thanks for letting me know. From Denak's story, that was enough for me. I can't believe the audacity of some people. If it weren't for you guys, I would have had to learn the hard way. Thanks for saving me frustration and time later.

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I would prefer that too, but sometimes you have no choice.

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Thanks for commenting! I appreciate the suggestions!

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"Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" — Who's your pick?

There is better barbeque in Pomona, Ks than in Lawrence. But Guy & Mae's is great too. I agree - no triple D's here.

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Douglas County will go under Winter Storm Warning Thursday afternoon

Thanks to the street crews for clear roads! I know they'd rather be spending time with their family during Christmas eve & christmas!

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Baker University student given probation in marijuana-growing case

He probably smuggled men, women, and children too.

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