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I used to love El Mez on 23rd street but the quality of service & food has gone from great to awful, inconsistent and at times, pretty rude. Don't bother printing or mentioning the coupon above - it's not valid. I thought for sure that the first few times were a fluke but never again, I'll be taking my business to Salty Iguana instead.

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My son attended Googols before the arrival of his little sister and absolutely loved it! He transferred there from another center and instantly there were positive changes - no crying when I dropped him off, and he became more self sufficient. All of the teachers were friendly and approachable with any questions or concerns.

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Make sure you check online prices first because they may differ from what the store tells you. You might have to pretty much do their job for them but once you tell them, they change it and make sure you pay attention to the car you get because if it's different from the one reserved, they won't tell you it's smaller & give you a refund unless you notice.

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Election officials told not to release names of provisional ballot voters

It's actually good to know. I was a provisional voter and it was because my advanced voting ballot was never received. I have been in contact with the County Clerks office and they have been helpful and are finding out if my vote was approved.

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Crews scrambling to have 'Extreme Makeover' house completed in next few days

What a debbie downer! A lot of the general volunteer shifts are from 2AM - 8AM, so it's not about seeing yourself on tv. Not to mention how many skilled workers are needed to help and their time is money!

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Being new to Lawrence, I was unsure on who to go to for auto places. After calling everyone about quotes for a strut replacement & alignment, Dale & Ron's price was $200 lower than all 5 places that I called. They were able to finish the job no problem.

A few weeks later, my car wouldn't start, and I had it towed there. They were able to find out the problem, and quote me a price ($313) on fixing the steering column. They actually called back the next day to give me progress on the vehicle -and let me know they found a part that is much cheaper than replacing the whole column and my bill will be lower ($158). Great service - I would recommend them to anyone. As anyone would be, I was nervous to try a mechanic in a new town fearing I would be over-charged. I was pleasantly surprised on how efficient, and cost effective these guys are!

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Kansas parents fear more school budget cuts

I would agree, your comment takes the cake!

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Masked Gunman At Wal-Mart

Well put!!

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