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Construction worker files civil suit against Morgan

igby,If you have paid any attention to what has been said in this case, Amanda was a mile to a mile and a half away from where Morgan hit Rolland and Ty. There were no radios available, as there are not at any site with Dustrol. The only way for the flagger to communicate with the other employees is when the pilot car comes by or by cell phone. Amanda called the foreman when Morgan went through the construction site the first time. When she gathered her berrings from being knocked into the ditch when Morgan came through the second time, the first person she called was the foreman, but by that time it was too late. If you were the one who's job was to keep your crew safe, and you worked with the same 25 people day in and day out, wouldn't you do whatever you could think of to keep them safe? What other choice did she have? It was the only way she could try to get Morgan's attention short of jumping in front of her truck which would have only resulted in one more 2nd degree murder charge. Put yourself in her place... Morgan deserves everything that is being handed to her right now.Thank you to all of you who have stood up for Amanda along with the other families. It is greatly appreciated by all of them I'm sure... and it is appreciated by me. Amanda's good friend. Thanks again... and my prayers are with all the families involved.

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Daughter says mom feared she was being chased on day of double fatality on U.S. 59

I can't believe that there are actually people on here defending the woman who obviously had no reguard for human life. You can't tell me that there is or ever will be any excuse to not follow the safety regulations in a construction zone. As I said in my post on a previous article on this, my brother has worked construction for 4 years. I know quite a few people who are involved in this industury, including Rolland. To think that someone can't even admit to the pain and suffering that they are causing all of Rolland's family and friends, not to mention Ty's family and friends, is un-flipping-believable. Just admit what you did and move on. Reguardless of whether you are convicted at this time or not, which I don't see how in the world you would get off, you will get judgement passed on you one way or another. And one more thing. You tried to stop for the flagger? Yeah right, there is no way that she would have just "attacked your car" for no reason. It's her job to keep that site safe... and your job to pay attention to the warning signs. I KNOW there was warning signs to tell you that road construction was ahead. Anyone who lives in the United States has seen road construction, and they warn you well in advance... FOR THEIR SAFETY AND YOURS!!!!! Nothing can excuse not being able to see the BIG BRIGHT orange signs, not to mention the BRIGHT orange flagger, or the BRIGHT orange workers, or for that matter the BRIGHT yellow BIG equipment.

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Hit-and-run 'something I'll never forget'

I just want both Ron and Ty's families to keep their heads up becuase whether it is in this trial or when her time comes she will face the punishment for her actions. Nothing we can do now will bring either one of them back, but something needs to be done to this woman. Ron was a very close family friend, and he was taken from us way too young for a senseless act of stupidity and violence. I have other friends and family that works construction and it scares me that there are people in this world who have that little reguard for human life. This woman needs to be charged with two counts of murder. That's exactly what this was MURDER!

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